Rose Garden Afghan Work~A UFO From 2006 @needleworkmonday

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Last year this afghan was on a list of projects I had hoped to finish in 2018. It was never touched! I started this in 2006 getting just the cream background and a few leaves done.

It took me 4 days to finish the 60 leaves. There are 162 backgrounds, only one bag is showing.

The roses were a nightmare. It's been years since I've crocheted and could not understand the directions for this flower! I spent 2 days scouring the internet for a similar flower and could not find it. After making a complete flop of a rose, I tried something else with the pattern instructions and it looked like the picture! Yea! Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.

Still in progress. I'm happy to have @needleworkmonday community to share and keep me going on these projects! It's a pleasure to share what I'm working on and to see what others are working on.

And of course, I have one of my little helpers, Mr. Jingles. BTW I made the basket he's laying in too, years ago.

I will post the finished project, hopefully before the end of this year!


Awesome getting back to work on your old project. You must of had trouble with the roses before and that is why you stopped there.
My daughter knits and crochets with a meetup group and even opened a yarn shop that did well for about 5 years. She taught knitting and crochet classes and her shop was perfect for her knitting group to meet. Interest waned and she had to close it 3 years ago. She still loves to knit tho. Your title reminded me of her shop, The Yarn Garden. Good luck finishing this project.

Thank you. I have so many projects started, this is the only crochet project left to finish. I have a cross stitch somewhere that I've been working on for 30 years, lol.

I thought so too! I can't wait to see it finished.

Thank you! I have about 20(? That I can find, lol) unfinished projects laying around from cross stitch to purses and everything in between. Really want to finish them before starting something else. Never works though.

What a lot of work, but beautiful, i cannot crochet 😬

Thank you. I've never knitted & I can't sew clothes. This is the hardest pattern I've ever done. Can't wait to finish it!

WoW thats even more wunderful

That is lovely but can you make me a samich? :)

How about a knuckle sammy?

It's good to make a start, @watchfulmomma. The afghan will look wonderful when done :D

2006 - oh my! That's a well-aged UFO ;) I'm sending you a boost of motivation for finishing it!

2006, yeah, it's been well packed away thankfully! Thanks for the boost I need all the help I can get!

This is a wonderful work! it's beautiful!
Hope your spectacular project will proceed smoothly.

It will be a labor of love, thank you!