My Rose Crochet Afghan Update

I've been so busy working on this to make sure it is finished my March, or in the month of March since it's the 4th today. This has been very time consuming because all the ends have to be weaved in. See my progress in the video below!

Enjoy @needleworkmonday fellow craters!


First frame photo of your video, I thought you were knitting very revealing bras with nice areola covers in the center. I sure am a dumb badger sometimes, lol.

LOL I thought it was a bra also

Just shows where our minds are at. 😍

LOL! Stupid YouTube!

Don't have great interest in the crafts but do appreciate the skill it takes to do this kind of thing. Thanks for sharing.

One needs warm stuff to live where I do!! I will never do something so intensive again.

A lot of work I never anticipated. Supposed to get another huge snow storm this weekend and I hope to finish it to show off next Monday! Yea!

Hey @watchfulmomma! It’s so good hearing from you this week! Thanks for the update on what you’ve been up to! You have been busy! The Afghan looks beautiful! I love the addition of the flowers!!!

Is this a gift?

No for once I'm keeping this for myself! It's turning out better than I expected. The flowers were hard as I didn't understand the directions at first. I have put so much time into this I'll be happy to curl up in it each winter.

Awesome! Enjoy! 😎

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