Needlework Monday – Work on crochet bags

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Hi, my Steemit colleagues on hobby !!!

  Today is the #NeedleworkMonday!!!

I hope that you are all well and that the past week has been calm. I continue to work with my wardrobe and crochet souvenir small bags.


To keep the bags in shape, my husband and I came up with a Velcro stitch to the bags - a textile fastener.

a source




It slows down my work a bit, but I still have a lot of time. Now I have 13 handbags and I am working on the next one.


I wish you creative inspiration and look forward to your work !!!


#NeedleworkMonday by @crosheille


These little wallets are so so cute!!! And the little pompoms make me smile :-)

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these pom-poms look like noses to me )))))

They do! :-D

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Какая ты рукодельница! Мне очень они понравились!

по крайней мере что-то оригинальное. мы всю голову сломали, что привезти ребятам, у которых все есть :)

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Adorable for coins 😉

hee hee :))) I will put there a small handmade soap - this is for gifts!

Aaah even more special, bravo! Totally awesome, Mama!

cute little bag

thank you!

so adorable with the pom pom ball on top

thanks!!! :)

These are so cute!!!

thanks! :)

Good idea to use the Velcro and the bags are super cute. I love the pom-poms, and you will make your friends happy with these gifts. 💕
(And to answer your comment on my post, my father is still very ill and in hospital)

Oh, my dear !!! I'm very sorry for that. I wish you a lot of strength !!!

Thank you so much and I really need the strength <3


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Keep up the great work!


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Howdy tali72! how do you get the velcro on there, do you sew it? What are you going to do with all those bags?

we will go to France to visit and want to bring presents. There will be many new acquaintances and we want to show attention to them. in these small bags we put the soap we want to make ourselves.

oh that sounds like a wonderful idea tali72! I love that idea.

Thanks!!!! :)

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