Needlework Monday – Knitting a winter bag with Rex :)

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Hi, my Steemit colleagues on hobby !!!

  Today is the #NeedleworkMonday!!! In this post I gathered the whole process of knitting a winter bag. For the bag, I chose gray shiny yarn.


  I knitted this by the size of the lining with a small pocket on the back.



  It was very easy and pleasant work.


  As I said, my poor suitcase broke and I cut off part of the lining from it for the inner compartment of the bag and for the outer pocket. I was once again convinced that before throwing out some old or broken thing, it's good to think whether it will be useful for another project. Even more convincing are examples of the works of our girls who use absolutely unthinkable things to create stunning things !!!




  It's time to move to the front of the bag where I conceived a funny dog's knitting needles (you are already familiar with it - this is Rex). He by the way sends you all a big hello and hopes that you are doing well! :))))

image (700).jpg

  I found him in Pinterest. He is cheerful and when I look at him, my mood rises :)



  The work was difficult because the yarn was constantly entangled and the unraveling of it took a long time (Many thanks to the girls for their advice as it would be possible to facilitate this process !!!!!). Even more complicated work was that I wanted to keep the convex texture and on the front of the bag as it is on the back. Knitting pattern on the facial surface is much easier (I did so a cat on my backpack). In the same case, I had to follow not only the correct work on the drawing scheme but also not to be mistaken in the basic pattern. The difference in the yarn color of the main pattern and yarn for Rex's drawing is insignificant. I wanted the drawing not to stand out very much against the main background, but it was still noticeable. I am pleased with the result. But all these difficulties slowed the work on the bag. I was not very worried about this, since there is still a lot of time in Israel before the winter. Even now we have 30 degrees of heat.



  Gradually I finished the work, put together all the parts of the bag and lining with the inner compartment. I crocheted the edges of the pocket and the handles of the bag. It began to look more neat and kept in shape.



  What happened was not as I wanted: if you look at the drawing of a dog and on a bag, you can see that its muzzle is stretched on the sides. although I worked clearly according to the scheme. Perhaps when embroidering this will be the same, but when knitting with needles, the pattern must be adapted to the desired shape. Despite that my Rex is a bit stretched, we made friends with him :)))



Now I'm thinking how I'd better make long handles so I can carry this bag on my shoulder. I will either crochet them or take them from another old bag.

I wish you creative inspiration and look forward to your work !!!


#NeedleworkMonday by @crosheille

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The bag is really well made, @tali72. I had not seen intarsia and textured stitches at the same time before ! Also, good idea about reusing shoulder straps :D


Thank you! I first knitted the pattern in this way

Interesting - and the dog is lovely ;)


Thank you!

You made a nice finish! Rex is adorable and working through all of the difficulties paid off. I really like how you added a pocket to it! The handles are cute as well.

I’m curious to see your method of adding on the straps. Thanks for sharing with us.


Thank you! :)

Knitting is my passion...
I am voting for creating beauty :)
Best regards @eglep


Thank you!

Looks really great, I love it! You're a real talent :)


this is because from a distance you can not see the mistakes made by me in the work :)))) thanks, dear !!!


Maybe you're right 😁

The bag is absolutely great and I am amazed how you calculated the inner pocket to fit. I love the textured stitch pattern (how did you made it?)
And with the stranded knitting: I think Rex turned out adorable. I love that you have chosen matching colours which harmonize with the backside of the bag. Your bag looks so neat in its finished state, someone who cannot knit would never gues how hard it is to achieve something so beautiful.
Well done! <3 <3


many thanks!!!! I'm very glad that you like it.

Very nicely done! By knitting your own bag, you can have the right pockets in the right sizes.


you're right! when you knit or sew yourself a thing for yourself, you make it exactly as you need it

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Your bag is beautiful @tali72!! Muzzle stretched or not, I still think Rex is cute :) I know it is not easy to knit patterns like this. I don't mind doing cross-stitch but knitting is a different ball game altogether. You are very talented :)


Many thanks from me and from Rex !!! :) I'm glad that you liked it