Perfect Winter ❄️ Hobby - Crochet 🧶

As cold weather is settling in, I picked up a new hobby: making hats! I know how to knit and crochet... my mom taught me when I was little. However, as I was living many years in warm weather in the Caribbean, I didn’t practice. No need for hats and scarfs there!

I stumbled across #needleworkmonday challenge hosted by @crosheille and I am happy to join the community and post some of my little works, hopefully someone will get inspired by my work. I know I will learn a lot by reading other participants’ posts. 😊

These are the berets I made recently. It looks like berets are back in style. I remember them being hot in the 80’s I think. Anyways... I made them with a crochet and some left over yarns I had in the house.


I don’t intend to write a step-by-step tutorial. I think the video tutorials are best for crochet work, and you can find many amazing ones on YouTube. However, I took some pictures of my work-in-progress... like a mini picture tutorial.



There are some tricks when it comes to increasing and decreasing the stitches, so you must pay attention and count. I usually write down the numbers when I finish the rows, and in the end I measure the diameter of the beret. I know I need at least 10 inches.


The one below is my favorite because the yarn is a little thicker and the whole beret came out stiffer. I am curious which one you like 😍



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Very stylish - they suit you :)

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Aww thank you, you’re very kind.

I love the deep lilac one, beautiful color and all fit you superb. And I so can feel you, hats are such a nice project. They are fast to make and super useful and you can go wild on patterns and colors. After reading @crosheille‘s and your post I think I also have to make some 😍😍🌈
(weather is gruesome here, super wet and windy, so more hats cannot be wrong)

Yay, we got you inspired, please share your projects. In winter time hats are essentials. I like to make hats because it is fast and fun. 😊

Love all the colors you picked 💜

I love berets! And yours are beautiful! I love all 3 of them :) They are colours that I would have chosen for my berets. I have not crocheted one starting from the brim though. Usually the patterns I see and follow are the ones starting from the back of the head. Thank you for sharing. I will go look for a pattern to try :)

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