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Hello, how are you my dear friends?
Happy start to the week with Neddleworkmonday

A few days ago we lived an experience of error in our embroidery workshop, as any human being at some point something unexpected may happen that you will have to solve in some way, it happened to us with black caps that we continue embroidering behind a word that was not going , so we had to unfasten the caps completely behind to be able to recover them, apate we put forward the house stark superlogo of the famous tv series Games of thrones
Today I will show you how to undo a hat embroidery that is left without detail



The materials we use are:

  • A pickaxe.
  • a disposable shaver.
  • a small comb brush.


First we use the shaver to go sliding from top to bottom on the back of the embroidery, where the bobbin thread is normally white, that way it will not cut the fabric of the cap if we do it delicately,
Gently open all those threads, always behind.


With the brush we will be removing the rest of the thread that is coming out little by little, after having removed most of the thread from the back of the cap, now we will slide the brush over to remove the rest of the thread, with the help of the hands, go pulling out, we are cleaning with the brush little by little.

There are always some threads of reinforcement that are more difficult to remove, and that very carefully using the pickaxe we can remove them without breaking the fabric of the cap.


It's amazing how everything goes easily with the brush, less time and less risk of losing your garment, if you give it a lot of care I assure you that it will look like new.

It is incredible how everything goes easily with the brush, less time and less risk of losing your garment, if you give it a lot of care I assure you that it will be excellent except for the detail of the back part that will then be covered with a new embroidery and nothing will be noticed.


We decided to use the image of a series like Games of Thrones to recover the cap, House Stark with a metallic gold color and an embroidery with the name of the series on the back so that with the interweaving of our new embroidered word you can cover the detail of the back.



Now we have ready our totally new cap without detail.

I hope you have found this post useful, Happy week to all


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