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Hello dear Steemian friends, today I will be here making a continuity of the t - shirts designs for children that I was doing in this last Christmas season.

After doing so, I had to make others have a reason other than Christmas, I decided to make a nice sun, which we will now see how to do, simply with a piece of yellow cloth.

It is for a baby of 5 months, so we work with a round frame of 10 cm in circumference, this will be more than enough for the t shirt to enter.



After doing so, I had to make others have a reason other than Christmas, I decided to make a nice sun, which we will now see how to do it, simply with a piece of yellow cloth.

The design is done in the wilcom program, first it will make the rays that go behind and then come the center always remember to leave the circle without filling, since that's where we are going to place the fabric and make a color change so that the machine stop and let's have time to trim the fabric and then continue.



Close with a thick plumetis stitch so that the cut of the yellow fabric is not visible, and finally make the face of the sun, to finish our sun design in embroidered applique.

This type of work looks simple to the naked eye, but we must be careful when cutting the fabric and a lot of precision in the closure so that it is not noticed, it takes more time than a normal embroidery, up to an hour can take to make a shirt.




Like I was also doing in the same way and the same technique with fabric appliques, these other animal motifs and toys for children, I hope this year to continue doing more and showing more reasons for children's shirts.




Happy Start of the Week, Happy Neddleworkmonday


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Not too bad hey. Very talented. I dont have that patience hey😂

yes it is actually tedious a shirt can take up to an hour to perform very carefully, hehehe thanks for visiting me and the vote thank you very much, always welcome

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