Fun breast hat for baby

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A couple of years ago my niece, who is a mom, had a friend whose wife was pregnant. Knowing I am a knitter, he asked if I would knit a breast shaped hat for his new baby. I found a pattern, which can also be a strawberry, and he loved it. This was a very fun, quick project which I found on Ravelry.

I love doing baby projects, as I find quick projects to be pretty satisfying. Well, back to that big, old poncho I am working.
Happy knitting, crocheting, and needleworking!


The original idea for a children's cap)). Good luck!

I have seen a lot of these hats on Pinterest but mainly crochet ones. I like the way they look knitted as well. A friend asked me to make her one because she was tired of getting rude comments from people about her nursing in public. I never got around to making one but I always thought they were cute. Good job on this one :) Thanks for sharing with us this week!

That was the thought of this young dad I knit it for. He thought it would be cute for the baby to wear the had when he was breast feeding.

Nice knitting! Looks so cozy.

I love it! Your niece has a fantastic sense of humor, and you did a great job on the little hat. I sometimes envy folks who have nice, short projects. Can't wait to see your poncho!

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