Filet Crochet Time Travel

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When we create, we give of our time, resources and of ourselves. Looking at a long-finished project can also be a kind of time travel, evoking memories and emotions.

I made the filet crochet lace on these pillow case back in the 1990s for my mother. I was crocheting them as I traveled to my honeymoon with my first husband (it took me two tries to find the right man.) I wove in the ribbon and sewed the lace to the cases not long after and gave them to mom as a surprise.

IMG_20180225_192818484 (2).jpg

Many years later, when mom died, I found them tucked away in her linen closet, unused, edges curling but still like new. Knowing her, my mother probably wanted to keep them nice and that was her way. In the last years of her life, I would spend time with mom every weekend, changing her sheets, doing other tasks, and just visiting. I realized I had forgotten about these cases, and would have used them if I had remembered, and if she agreed. I like to use things people make for me, but my mom was more of a preserver.

Looking at these today, I remember the plane ride with my new husband, the conversation with another woman on the plane who noticed me working. I think of my mom, of her delight when I would make her something or show off a new skill. She was always so supportive and proud. I also think of her aging and becoming vulnerable, and how sweet it was to be able to spend time with her and put fresh, clean sheets on her bed, just the way she liked them. I feel regret that I didn’t spend even more time just visiting with her. I wonder if people to whom I have given hand-made gifts will think of me, in years to come.


Generations from now somebody will use them! In a guest room on a bed that nobody uses...
We found a ton of stuff like this when we cleaned out my great-aunts and my grandmother's house that they had inherited from their great-aunts and grandmothers. Sometimes it makes me sad that these things don't get used so I always try to make it a point to use the pieces that were handmade so they can get worn out.
Such intricate work, it is very nice.

It is bitter sweet to find those kind of things. Good on you for using them, I think most of us want our handiwork lovingly used. thanks for the comment!

I love the crochet edging you added to these pillow cases. How sweet of you to make them for your mother. It seems she wanted to cherish them and keep them new instead of using them. That’s how I am sometimes. I just want to preserve the newness of things for a little while before I use them. Thanks for sharing this with us today! I’m sure your mother was extremely proud of you :)

Thanks for your kind comment. It's a struggle; we want things to last but they are meant to be used. Most of my family is kind of hard on hand-made things, which has given me a great lesson in just letting things go!

You are very welcome!

These are beautiful! I am definitely a use-and-enjoy person, not a hide-away-and-preserve person. I use the things I make, after all - they were made to bring joy and comfort, I feel. :)

I so agree with you! I have paintings and quilts from loved ones, and using and enjoying those things reminds me of their love.

True, many memories tied in with just one memory. I love the idea. Edging. Hmm.....😊

I enjoyed doing these lace edges, but it was honestly the last crochet project I did. Love the lace, but I find knitting is easier on my hands.

It's very cool! I love things, that are hand-made!

Me too, I would rather have something hand-made than any other kind of gift!

So many memories. I'm pleased you were able to spend time with your mum and to hear about the lovely relationship you had with each other.

Thanks for your comment. when I decided to blog about these, I was surprised at what all came up. I guess that's the magic of writing.

Yes, it is. It reminded me of my mum and the time I spent with her in her last few years. We were very good friends, got on very well, I was pleased about that.

very touching post! Thank you!

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