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Not much ado on the knitting front, spring is also gone and perhaps tomorrow the world is coming to an end. You don‘t believe me??!!! Than you are a wise human being, because that’s only my inner grumbler speaking. Actually, nothing especially bad happened. But the wonderful sunny spring weather is replaced by storm and rain and hail – what a fun. Besides my fingers hurt, so I cannot knit right now (ahhhhhhhhhhhhh).

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To beat this gloomy mood, I needed a distraction - and what a coincidence – it spontaneously emerged: the Netherlands fabric market.
Last year I visited this Eldorado of fabric, buttons, yarn and bias tape, but miscalculated the time I would need to browse the stalls and find the right fabric… I only had half an hour to get everything done before it closed. This year I wanted to be prepared and decided to start in the morning, so that I would have about 6 hours to enjoy this market. To prevent me going broke over this event, I engaged my good friend Silvi to stop me in case of a spending rush. Better even, I had a clear vision of the fabric I wanted to buy: a colourful jersey fabric with flowers for a summer version of the Stella sweater
On I went, full of sewing enthusiasm I jumped onto the tram only to leave it 30 minutes later in dire need of some caffeine :-D Silvi was not averse to some cappuccino and sweets to strengthen our consuming abilities. After this lovely café stop we had free rein on the market as the weather had worsened and most people now went inside. But we are tough and went on.

Design ohne Titel(173).png

Silvia found a wonderful stretchy fabric in anthracite with small white ornaments, whereas my magical flower jersey did not arise. Instead we found a stall with gorgeous knitted fabrics in bright but matching colours. I fell in love with an off-white fabric that was adorned with magenta and dark blue birds. But all their fabrics were beautiful… sadly much too expensive.

Design ohne Titel(174).png

Again, we needed fuel to defy the storm and rain. As you can see on the photos the market was more or less deserted by now, because the weather was so ugly.

Kopie von Soziale Medien – Design ohne Titel(7).png

But I did not give up and at last I found a lovely fabric I could envision for a sweater.

Design ohne Titel(175).png

As you can see it is neither flowery nor in bright summer colours. Instead it is a fabric which consists of fractured dark photos of forests, mountains and clouds. The pattern reminded me of record covers of the eighties. My idea is to use this fabric together with a dark green and black fabric for a sweater with triangles… If I managed to sew this thingie you will be the first to know (currently I am doctoring the pattern).

Thank you @crosheille for iniciating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.


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Really nice post! Go to Italy one time... there you have all what you need for your projects :-D

THank you 🙏
I didn’t know that you can find so nice fabric in Italy. My husband has family in Bergamo but I never searched for fabric stores there :-D Are they also online?

For sure.... most of the things are produced in Milano and Prato (Florence).... look online, I think you will find something..... and you have the airport in Bergamo, so it's all very easy :-D

Not so easy for me... I hate to fly 🤢🤮😱😱🤭🤢 I get so ill while going by plane... no fun (its more or less the same on boat or car, perhaps I am only made for walking 😂 )

I hate also to fly but I do it every car or train it' s more expensive and longer, but can be a nice option if you have the time, so you can see more ;-D

So disappointing about the weather, but I admire your fortitude: true needleworkers!

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Yeah we felt kind of hardcore 🤣🤣 And because of the weather there were less customers, which is much more relaxing as these markets are sometimes like a lions den.

Too bad about the weather, but good as well since it kept the crowds away!
That is a unique pattern you found, I look forward to seeing it in a sweater!

Yes the crowds... you don‘t know how right you are. WIth nice weather these markets are like killing ground. People shove you ruthlessly away to get the best (cheapest) fabric.
And with the new sweater... sigh.... I am already experimenting and the fit is not what I had in mind (thankfully I used test fabric)

I agree, @neumannsalva. That pattern you found is so interesting and lends itself really well to cut it an angle (big chevron style)... I have spotted two great posts today with quilts and patchwork and it sort of reminded me of that...
It's been really windy here too ! Thank goodness no floods this time - thank you, mighty Freya :D

Yeahhhh I also think it has a quilt/patchwork appearance. But sadly my idea how I will cut and arrange it does not worked out. I tried a new to freestyle a bit and the fit of the nes sweater is not flattering for me. THankyfully I used a ‚test fabric‘.
And good to here that you are dry. We on the other side have problems with the storm, as the landlord tries to repair the facade and everything is flying around.

It was quite hard driving on the motorway today with lots of wind and spray due to all the water on the road, @neumannsalva ! Thank goodness no floods but we still need to check those drains ...

I've really got to get back to my sewing. I have so much fabric that I have been storing that is really beautiful. I stopped by a store today and was shocked at how much a simple pair of pants was selling for inside. Even the sale price was expensive. Good luck with your projects.

THank you and as I already tried a pattern for the sweater,... I need luck :-D And it would be nice to see some sewing projects of you. I always find this so inspiring and I have so much to learn in sewing.
Here clothes are mostly much cheaper than buying the fabric, but I seldom find trousers which fit and learning to sew them is a long time goal :-)

So cool and bold of you two to ”brave the storm”! That fabric you chose is very unique. I love the peach color that tones out the darker pictures. I am eager to see this project now!

We felt a bit like market heros :-DDDD It was so cold and wet... But the nice side effect was that less people wanted to buy anything.
I already worked on the sweater pattern, but the fit is disappointing.... Thankfully I used scraps for the test.

Ya gotta love scraps! Well hopefully when you try again it will be the right fit!

Great idea to spend such a sad day because of the weather !!! I hope both of you are not sick. there is a plus that there were few people. It is very interesting to see what you will make of this fabric! we, too, these days there was a winter storm although it was already spring :)))) today there was even hail

Thankfully we did not catch a flu... and ist was really less pople so the browsing was more relaxed :-D And the weather here still extrem, hail, storm and rain. I hope your weather will get better.

Oooooh !!! Is this weather normal for you at this time of year? it's horrible!!!! in this weather it is impossible to pull me out from under a warm rug))))

I think the weather is getting more extrem.. more storms and temperature changes. Two weeks ago it was much too warm, more like May and now we are back to freezing. Very strange.....

Ooooh!!!!! it is unpleasant

That sweater is going to be really interesting. The fabric's pattern is going to be mirrored in the cut of the seams! I think it's a great find. Looking forward to seeing how it works up!

Thank youuuu but there is a but :-DDD I already tried out the pattern I envisioned (thankfully with a super cheap scrap fabric) and the fit is not so flattering on me.

Oh no! This happens to me sometimes too. Good that you did a dry run with the cheap stuff.

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