Hooking here, there, and everywhere! Plus funny chickens and an Etsy SALE! Happy #NeedleworkMonday

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Keep reading for cute dogs, chickens, and kiddo pics too! :)

Pixie wants to do everything Mommy does!

Like a phoenix from the ashes, my crocheted egg apron has arisen from its frogged, slumbering yarn ball state this week! I ranted earlier this week about never being home to take care of my house, but there was one definite upside: I made a ton of progress on this project!

Hanging out in town yet again. A peach muffin, coffee, and more crochet await the conclusion of this article

I'm using this free pattern from hearthookhome.com and so far it's been easy. I've got the main body of the apron and the longest bottom pocket done, and am almost done with one of the two shorter pockets. It looks like the trickier part is going to come when I need to assemble the whole thing. Wish me luck with that part :)

Here are the egg apron's adventures this week....

The "green space" and teeny tiny splash pad downtown, which will be turned on next month probably


The green space is at the intersection of the main downtown crossroads. So I was sitting on this bench, minding my own business, when an inquisitive wasp landed on the armrest. I eyeballed it warily and warned, "Stay there and we won't have any issues." Apparently its radar picked up the waves of fear off me, because it buzzed over and landed on my phone, right next to me.

Motorists sitting at the red light were treated to the scene of a peacefully crocheting woman suddenly leaping to her feet, snatching the hot pink paisley purse, and wildly beating the park bench with it.

Have you ever smacked a wasp, only to have it completely disappear? Then you can't go back to what you're doing, because there's no telling where it's lurking and plotting revenge? Yeah, the egg apron progress ended for the time being that day, haha.

The next time I got the apron out, I decided to sit at the bench on the kids' playset at home. Ah, childish chatter and peace and tranquillity....


Guess who decided to crash the party?


It crawled closer and then launched at my head, buzzing menacingly. "What's wrong?!" yelled the Husband across the yard, as I screamed and fled from the playset.

"A wasp!" I answered, peering at the bench to see if it was safe to return and retrieve my stuff.

"Oh." In other words, business as usual in the Husband's eyes.

I retreated to the rickety swing on the back porch to continue my work, with children and dogs to keep me company.

I'm the Pied Piper for critters, seriously

Modeling Daddy's work boots

Doggy kisses from Little Barky

Twice when the apron ventured outside, it had company from some very different critters, in the fenced garden area....

Well hello ladies! You're the whole reason I'm making this thing, right here!

The second time I crocheted in the company of chickens, I brought my water bottle along, which they found super fascinating.


Then, of course, out of allllll the green stuff in the whole garden, the dandelion right under the water bottle was the most desirable thing ever:


Elsa decided to make herself more comfortable. I realized all the chickens were hanging out close to us because a couple young hawks were keening and flying around above the woods behind the barn. Pretty sure there's a nest back there, because we've been seeing and hearing the hawks regularly.


Little Man and Sunny being all companionable...I think sitting with a chicken in your lap, and petting it, is a pretty funny pastime:



Last night I sat next to the playset in my pajama pants (because they're the best "fat pants" on the planet), while the dogs wandered around me, the kids played above me, and nearby the Husband and the neighbor sat on their 4-wheelers and gossiped (I don't know why women have the reputation for gossiping, because men are way worse lol). It was quite the peaceful country weekend evening! :)

In other sewing news: I HAD AN ETSY SALE!!! Best of all, it was on Friday, while I was doing my massive house cleaning. Yippeeeeeee! The customer bought the set of 6 crazy placemats with yellow binding that I already had made up. I was so thrilled to package them up all pretty to ship:


This week I started making some trivets, so I can have some more inexpensive variety to my wares...now I just have to add them to my shop!


That pretty much wraps up the week's needleworking! I hope everyone else has been having a great week!

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How do you like my chickens? :)))

What a lovely glimpse into your country, homesteading life! I love to see the curiosity of chickens. :-)

Thank you very much! It cracked me up, the way they kept investigating that bottle!

I think chickens are super sweet beings, The way they come running toward you if they think you have a treat for them -- it cracks me up every time!

YES! Mine are such piggies for treats and will follow me relentlessly :) Do you have chickens too?

I don't have chickens, but have lived places where chickens were part of the community. And, believe it or not, as a professional pet sitter, I've watched chickens a couple of times while their families were out of town. :-D
When I watch them, it seems as if they get simple joy out of the littlest things (like a plastic water bottle, lol).

How fun! I would get a kick out of pet sitting chickens. Our neighbor has "watched" ours on a couple occasions and had to deal with Sunny the escape artist...I'd forgotten to warn her that the moment the coop door is cracked open just far enough, that chicken is GONE! Luckily she's also the fattest and slowest😂

hahaha... The Universe has a way of working out like that. The Escape Artist is also the chubby, slow one. :-)

Chickens are such great beings :) and what is an egg apron ? loved the pictures of your furkids, featherkids and kids :)

It's an apron that has lots of little pockets, so as you collect eggs you can just stick each one into its own little pouch to keep it from being dropped or banging into other eggs in a basket or bowl. Right now with 7 mature hens I haven't really needed one, but since we bought 6 more chicks this year I foresee that I won't be able to just carry the day's egg gathering into the house in my hands or jacket pocket :) And thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!

ah I see :)

very beautiful. Your family is so lovely.

Thank you so much!!

Nice post! Darn wasps...what a useless creature..and that's not something I normally say. Looking forward to seeing your egg apron...maybe I will make one too. 😀
Love your potholder also!

Thanks! I heartily concur that wasps are useless. Perfect word for them. I'm hoping I'll have the apron done next week!

That was great! I'm so thrilled to have found your blog. Nice work!!

Thank you very much! :)


Yea! I love that the placemats sold. Wahoo!! Congrats. Love seeing all the pics of the kids and chickens and egg apron progress! What a great idea! :) Looks like those wasps just wanted to be friends with you. ;)

It was such a rush to have that notification pop up :) Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!

Congratulations on the sale of the mats ! and lovely photos @mtnmeadowmomma... I sympathise with you on the wasp fear.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Looks like dislike of wasps is pretty universal :)))

Wow, sounds like a very fun and busy week! Congrats on the sale!

I have the same purse as you, haha! Except mine is pink with a brown background rather than hot pink, but I think I like the hot pink better...

Love the story and the beautiful pictures! Cant wait to see the finished apron!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll be excited to get the apron finished...haven't done much on it the past couple days, so we'll see...

Vera Bradley purses are so fun, aren't they?! The funny thing is that I prefer to wear muted or earthy colored clothes, so wild purses satisfy that part of me that wants bright cheerful colors too :)

Me too! Black or gray, sometimes dark blue for me... A friend actually gave me this purse, and at first I was reluctant to use it. I mean, a pink purse?! But I actually like carrying it around. :D

congratulation on your Etsy sale. I loved those placemats! I can't wait to see your egg apron. Such a cute idea. Wasps and horseflies are my least favourite insects - I've been known to get hysterical when being chased by them.

Your photos are so lovely! I agree about pyjamas. So comfy. :)

Thank you! It's been such a confidence booster getting the positive feedback here about the stuff I sew :) oh ugh, horseflies too...they're just as mean and useless as wasps!

As always I really enjoyed reading your post! I loved all of the refreshing country pictures of you and your beautiful family relaxing and enjoying life! You have such a beautiful homestead, such gorgeous surroundings. I can totally understand about the wasps. I just did a posts on my fear of bees...wasps are in that category too. Those pesky little things.

Congratulations on your Etsy sell!!! Yay for you, what an accomplishment!!! I love the potholder you made, it’s so bright and pretty. Looking forward to seeing your apron come along!!! Thanks for sharing with us this week! 😊

Thank you so much @crosheille! I read your post about the bees....I'm just like you in that my overly irrational fear of wasps stems from a traumatic childhood incident! Bees are okay for me though :) Thank you for the compliments on my sewing!!

You are very welcome ~ 😊

Yes I don’t think I will ever get over those incidents.

  ·  last year (edited)

First of , way to go on the Etsy sale👍, I hope you get to make more sales because your works are really sights to behold.
Also who doesn't love it when kids attempt to wear oversize materials lol! I know I do, the way they look in it is pretty priceless and hilarious🙂
Those are really big chickens! Do you have like a little farm? Do you feed them stuff to make them so robust? Are those the only farm animals you got? Apart from the dogs and cats of course
I hope to see the finish of your pretty brown apron, you said you made it for the chickens so I'm thinking you would be using it while catering for them. Nice.
Sorry about the wasp. I can imagine your surprise scream. The wasp is scared , we are also scared its so funny☺

Thank you! I certainly hope to sell more things :) The apron is going to have pockets on it so that I can put the eggs I collect into the pockets. Right now I usually tuck them into my jacket pockets but with warmer weather coming that option is going away ;)

We sort of have a hobby farm, you could call it. We've only lived here a little over a year, so we haven't done a whole lot with it yet. The chickens are the only farm animals we have, and we'll be planting a nice big garden, but other than the Husband hunting in the woods that's about it at the moment. I'll be planting berries this year though, and in the future we'd like to add some fruit trees, beehives, stuff like that.

We just give the chickens ordinary pellet food, and I give them food scraps as treats, but other than that they don't get anything special. Sunny is by far the largest!

  ·  last year (edited)

You are so living my dream☺... Being at one with nature and its environs, it really improves everything around it, Your kids looking so fresh and healthy , your chickens so robust, I'm sure they made big eggs. Add those trees and more animals and paradise just gets better!
Enjoy your paradise😊

Awww, thank you! It's always nice to have the extra reminder of how blessed we are to be able to do this❤️

Whew! That wasp was out for revenge! And congratulations on your sale!! 🤗

I never doubt that every wasp is out to get me🤣 And thank you so much!

Beautiful chickens. I miss our chickens that we used to have on our property in Australia.

Thank you! We're pretty fond of them...such funny critters :) Why don't you have chickens anymore?

We moved to Canada and it’s -35 C in the winter . So it’s not practical to have them.

Your adventures with critters - especially the chickens - made me giggle. Best. Dandelion. Ever.

I definitely had that "seriously y'all?!" moment😆 It's like they were trying to figure out how to get at the part of the dandelion actually under the bottle!