Needlework Monday: Upcycled Small Journals

in needleworkmonday •  3 months ago

Hi Needleworkers,

Today I am showing off some up-cycled, hand bound notebooks.


Last Saturday I went on a walk with my oldest and ended up at the Salvation Army. We found this gem.


About 50 sturdy cards with maps on one side, and information on the other side. I got into imagining all the awesome crafts I would make with them. They are perfectly thick enough for small notebooks.


There they are side by side. Each card has a map on one side and information about the specific spot on the other side.


And here they are again, with the cared that will be a notebook nice and scored.


Next I got a huge piece of drawing paper from my son's drawing pad. And hand cut them with some kid scissors to the perfect size. I would have preferred adult scissors but... #momlife.


I folded the paper into the notebook to see how well it fit. When you sandwich paper together the end pieces look shorter than the center pieces so you have to trim them back.


There you can see my trims. I tried curving the edges a little because the note cards are curved on the edges too.


I grabbed my awl and punched holes. Its easier if you punch the holes outside down. The other way sometimes leads to crooked spines. The Awls make holes so protect the surfaces under.


Grab some needle and floss and start sewing it up.


This is the center of the notebook.


And here is the front.


The spine.


A random page.


And the whole kit.

Thank you for visiting my needleworkmonday post!


All pictures mine

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Great job.. they are so cute...
Thank you for share


I really enjoyed making them, am making more today to send out with a Birthday Present.

Nice work!

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Thank you!

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oh they are adorable @metzli !
When I am totally done with my moving I would most likely be resuscitating my old account @craftsofluv (lost and found account haha) and start back with my craft work.

I think you would resonate with me the joy and satisfaction of upcycling something and turning something useless into something useful; or just transforming things or building from scratch



I look forward to your blog making a come back!

Upcycling is lots of fun for me. I've been making stacks of these little journals. lol.

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Thank you! I visited and upvoted the post.


You’re very welcome and thank you!! 😊

What a cute and resourceful idea!! This would be a nice project for my kiddos to do especially since my daughter is getting into journaling and writing short stories!

Thank you for sharing this neat idea for #NeedleWorkMonday!!


You're welcome. One cool journal idea is to make one out of a Birthday Card they loved.


That’s a great idea too!

This is such a great idea. My husband looooves notebooks, big ones, small ones, thick and thin. This would be such a good gift for him. I especially love the rounded form, it looks much more artful and I think I remember something similar without this rounded form and much simpler sold in a museum shop (new career for you? :-D) But naturally yours is way more beautiful and personal. The maps with their light green/mint color are perfect. Love this <3


I love journals too! I used to make little knickknacks like these to sell for an Etsy Shop I used to run, but it seems like the time spent on making up cycled projects doesn't really translate to profit. The materials are free, but the time it takes to create them, it is definitely a labor of love. Of course, needleworkers understand that.


Sadly, in a better world, handmade items would have more value than industrial fast made things.

Super cool and useful idea! I am going to remember this post, very nice.. thanks for sharing :)


Thank you for featuring it in your Daily Sneak submission.

This is a great idea @metzli!! This would be a good thing for tourists taking notes about cool sites or restaurants or even how to get back to my hotel in the mapped area. Great job!! 👏🏾👏🏾


Thank you, it was lots of fun to make these. I will probably be making more.

These are fantastic - such a clever idea to recycle the cards into something new and the notebook look super with the map a the cover. My mum was always very crafty and loved doing creating things like this as well.

Have you met @saracampero yet, she does amazing craft and creating things especially aimed at fun craft for kids - worth checking out if you have not already found her.

#thealliance #witness


Yes! @saracampero is one of the #steemitmamas and she shows off her posts to us all the time. She does a great job. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

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Very creative!

Thanks to @anouk.nox, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!


Thank you and thank you @anouk.nox I appreciate your help in gaining visibility for my work.


You're welcome!

Very crafty!! I love your idea! Now how cute is that..

But my attention is focused on ypur tool, that I have been wanting to have hehe.. soon..

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Thank you for sharing the steps @metzli. What a good idea to make a handy notebook. I like your crocheted mat / cloth :)