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Hi hi everyone!

A happy week to all and happy #NeedleworkMonday! 😎🌻

One of the things I enjoy doing is to sew or crochet or knit, following video tutorials.
One of the main reasons is because I get to pause, rewind, play, fast forward, pause, rewind, play the video any time I wanted to. And it helps a lot when you missed a step or if you need to make sure you followed the step correctly.
So, thank you @crosheille for sharing your crochet tutorials, they really help when we are learning to crochet 🙃.

One project that I would like to recommend for you to try to sew is this pleated pouch with zipper. I sewed this as a gift for my mom (the purple tissue wrapping was at the bottom of the pouch):

I followed a zippered pouch sewing video tutorial by pattydoo which I discovered through one of my hours of browsing through Youtube's "potential-projects-to-sew". The pouch may look daunting at first, but when you follow the video step-by-step, you will realize, it is actually quite simple to sew. She also included a free pattern at her website here.

Although I do not understand what she was saying, pattydoo's Deutsch video included a clear English subtitle which was easy to follow and her video was clear too. The thing that attracted me most to her video was her cute fabric choices, her language (I love listening to different languages) and the sound of her sewing machine 😁.

Sorry, I did not take any process photos for this project because at that time, I was too focused on following the video and too excited to complete the project. Plus, the video is a much, much better choice to follow if you would like to try sewing this pouch 😊.


Thank you again to @crosheille and @crystalize for bringing us together into this amazing community!



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It turned out great @marblely, well done !
Thank you also for the link. Coincidentally, I'm being asked to make pencil cases at the moment and I need different designs so this is great : nice and roomy.
Oh, and I also like listening to different languages on youtube... with or without subtitles :D

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Thank you @cryptocariad! Oo yes yes it is. And cute too.
Oh you do too? hehe cool. I prefer with subtitles when it comes to tutorials. Oh you might like these 2 too on Youtube too (Thai and Mandarin). I really like watching them:
PINN SHOP Thailand:

diy HandyMum Lin TV:

Thank you for these as well @marblely !

Nice pouch. Your mama certainly happy about it.

Talking about videos, I agree with you. Video tutorials help me a lot too. Especially for complicated knitting/sewing tips I take a look often. Also I like to watch bread baking videos. I watched tens of hours of how to bake French baguette and NY bagels even some were in French, which I don't know.

Thank you @akipponn :) I think she was hehe.
Ooo.. I like to watch baking videos too, especially bread and croissant and bagels and scones but so far, I have watched English ones only. My bread was hard as a rock. Still trying to figure it out haha. Scones, I have been successful once and I haven't try the rest. I will explore French videos too :)

So funny! I also use pattydoos tutorials. With her I learned to insert a zipper. Her explanations are very clear, and she has super cute patterns - as your bag proves. Your bag will be a beautiful gift and you are right, it looks very complicated with all the folds.
I want to try to make a simple bag for my knitting projects someday, but I still neither found a cute fabric, nor do I have the time to go searching fo rit.
I thought about something like this:
Do you have a recommendation for such a simple pattern?

Yay to pattydoo! Hehe.. Thank you @neumannsalva. Aah. Those are nice pouches! You can try:
MADE everyday's How to sew a lined Zipper Pouch
and then for that wristlet chain / hole, you can watch:
Professor Pincushion's How To Sew A Zipper Coin Purse (but this one doesn't show how to sew the lining part, I kinda combine MADE's video and this one to include the wristlet chain / hole)

If you feel adventurous, you can watch this Japanese Sewing Book's video on Double zip pouch.

I've tried them all and they work! Hehe.

Thank you @marblely! Thank you for sharing that the video tutorials do help! This is a cute and very stylish bag!! I see what you mean about her videos being clear and the subtitles helping.

I’m sure your mom loves her gift. What will she use it for?

Thanks for sharing for this week’s #NeedleWorkMonday!!! 😃

Thank you @needleworkmonday! It is so nice to see you!!
My mom hasn't decided what she will use the bag for, she doesn't want to dirty it by using it hehe. Right now, she is just keeping a few pieces of jewellery inside and having it nicely tucked inside her drawer.

You’re welcome ~

Haaa I don’t blame her, it’s so pretty she wants to keep it new forever! 😄

Wow! Lovely pouch! That's a long time desire of mine, sewing...I did not bring my sewing machine, I left it, I thought we came here just for months of vacation...

Thank you @jurich60! Oh sorry about that. But it is ok, your crochet work is lovely and you can crochet blouses without the sewing machine for now :)

you turned out great !! I hope that your mom liked the handbag very much :)

Thank you @tali72 :) Yes I think she does :)

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I really like this purse, and the colour you used is so eye catching, hopefully I'll figure out a way to put a handle on it. Thanks for sharing this piece and the video

Thank you @wondermaey! I think you will figure out a way. You are so talented in sewing! :)