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I think sewing is such a versatile skill. Once we learn the basics, we can pretty much sew anything!

This week, it was all about toys because @sayee gave us a challenge to handmake a toy: https://steempeak.com/creativity/@sayee/hand-made-toy-contest
and what better way than to combine this with #needleworkmonday as featured in our Featured Posts #70!

I found this pattern of a cute chubby owl:
and I was immediately smitten. My sister loves owls and so do I and this fella looks really cute. I have not sewed a stuffed toy before and this was a pretty nice experiment :)

Pinky's blog included a printable pattern for this chubby owl but I enlarged the diagram on my screen and traced them from there.

I cut out all the required pieces for the body, tummy, wings, eyes, base and beak, following Step 1 of Pinky's blog:


After choosing the fabric for each part of the owl (I used scrap fabric), I traced the pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric choices.


I decided to have a flower pattern for the body and corduroy for the tummy. The wings, a mix of both. For the eyes and beak, I used felt and the base, I used a dark blue corduroy.


Following Step 2 of Pinky's blog, I sewed the tummy to the body:



Then, the top part of the body seams were sewn together:


This was how the tummy and body looked like after sewing:


Next, referring to Step 4 of Pinky's blog, it was time to stuff the owl and I used old socks, this time socks that were already loose and the rubber has gone :D


I rolled the socks into a ball first, tried to shape it like the owl's chubby body:


And stuffed it into the sewn body and tummy, avoiding stuffing the peak of the head which will be folded:


This was the part in Step 4 which says "Finishing drawing up the gather stitch and tie securely leaving an opening no greater than 1 & 1/2 inch wide."


Then, I sewed the base to the bottom and folded the top to form the head:


Once that was all done, it was time for the wings. I sewed the two fabrics together, leaving a little gap to turn the fabric inside out as per Step 11:


After turning them inside out, I pushed the edges out and sewed the hole shut:


Then, it was time to sew the wings, eyes and beak! I modified the eyes a little:


~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

This guy is just too cute!



And because it is stuffed with old socks, this guy is pretty much washable but probably takes a while to dry :D

I think this makes a pretty nice Christmas gift too for kids and adults alike! And we change it up a little, to either make a bigger one or a smaller one as an ornament for the Christmas tree! Yippee!
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Oh my gosh this is just too cute! I love that you used socks to stuff it, that made it easily washable for sure! I love the different fabrics you used, that corduroy gave it such a nice looking texture! Well done ~ 💛💚

Thank you!! It is!! I smile each time I look at it now :D I think your daughter might like to try this. If I remember correctly, she made the teddy bear earlier right? Yes yes, corduroy is niceee 😍

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Thank you!

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It sure is great looking and cute and thanks for including the steps too as it will help others give it a try for sure.

Thank you again @sayee for the contest and prize :)

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It is really good and I also shared to @minnowsupport folks and glad they also liked it

This is a wonderful owl !!! Very beautiful fabrics and neat work! Super, @marblely!

Thank you @elenka!

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This is very positive and interesting !!! I like it!

Thank you!

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How cute!

Thank you for being a ccc member. We gave you an upvote @team-ccc.

Thank you for your upvote!

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Love it! So cute! Thank you for sharing all the photos of the process!

Thank you @jamethiel! It was fun to do :)

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I really like your handmade toy. Using scraps of fabric that you already own and recyling old socks is a perfect way to make something new. Your patience and skill shows in the final product. Adorable!

Thank you so much @jluvs2fly for your kind words!

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Super cute owl you made and I cross my fingers that you will win! The corduroy is such a lovely fabric choice especially with this vibrant lilac. FOr me sewing toys is as unattainable as crocheting amigurumi - I am not patient enough for all the small details. I made one toy a long time ago... I took a pillow, cut the top half ad formed it into two ears and glued eyes on it.... 😂😂😂😂 Your owl is so much more evolved 😍

Hehe thank you! I got 2nd prize! Yippeee!
I love corduroys and this was a thin corduroy.
I think you can do it too! Look at all the beautiful dresses and skirts and coat you made!!
Haha the pillow toy sounds cute! Do you still have it? 🤪

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Congratulations 🥳 And I am so with you with the curduroy... only that I see clothes in this fabric 😂😂 ( I am really obsessed with clothes...sigh) And yes, the pillow-animal lives in our bathroom. I will take a photo later and try to insert it into this reply.

I like this! My Antonia would love this kind of DIYs. I'll show this to her. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Yes it is a fun project to do!

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