#needleworkmonday :: A simple crochet while on the 🚘 road 🛣

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Hi there all you lovely Steemians!

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, a loving community started and hosted by @crosheille and co-hosted by @crystalize 🌷💗!

Over the last few days, I have been traveling on the road, and haven't had the chance to work on my shoes but I have not forgotten it. I have had lovely ideas from some of you which I am thinking to the best way incorporate them into the overall idea. Thank you all for your ideas! 🤗😘

As I was traveling for a few hours 🚗 and was not the one driving, I decided to do some simple crocheting, one that does not need reading of patterns (because I get a headache and go dizzy if I read on a moving vehicle), one that is a simple repetitive crochet that keeps going and going and going until all yarns are used up while keeping my head firmly rested on the headrest 🙂.

I managed to complete this few rows halfway through the journey:

And by almost the end of the journey and all yarns used up, I got this far:

It is not done yet as I have a few more colours to add and I did not bring enough yarn with me. Hopefully, it will be done soon 😊.

I personally think it is pretty satisfying to crochet while on the road, whether you are traveling by car, by train or plane. We get to focus on our crochet and just keep going until our eyes feel tired 😵. Then, we can take a quick nap and continue after 🙃. The best part, you get quite a lot done 😎.

Can you take a guess what this will be? 😁
Hint: This may look familiar to some of you who have read one of my earlier posts.


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Did I already wrote that I do not like hate going by car. I always get ill and this for hours afterwards (gaaag) So no knitting or crochet for me in the car. But it is good to hear you were able to crochet, because otherwise long drives could be very boring.
I think I remember your yarn (because I liked it very much) it seems to be the same as you used for your fishtank... perhaps you bought an even bigger aquarium or the fishes started cyling or running (and made a evolutionary step upwards :-DDD)
I still love the yarn and with the dark one together it looks great, curious what you will make <3


I do too!!! But I discovered for my head, as long as the drive is smooth (no traffic where brakes are always applied, roads not windy, just straight) and I keep my head still (by resting firmly on the headrest) and just focus on the crochet, I was able to go on and on (eyes don't wander, just look at the needle and the yarn) until I get tired.

Yes yes, thank you for remembering! :) I love this:

perhaps you bought an even bigger aquarium or the fishes started cyling or running (and made a evolutionary step upwards :-DDD)

hehe... yah, am trying to finish off the yarn to make a floor mat. Think I have finally finished off the blue, white, green yarn. Need to add some other colour now to make the floor mat wider. Else it is going to be a really small mat. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment too .

I love the colour and the texture of the stitch, @marblely. It did remind me of the fishtank solution... but it would also make a great travel blanket 😁


Hehe.. thank you @cryptocariad. Yes yes, it was the fishtank solution and am making a floormat this round (similar to the fishtank, except this is for the feet :D). Ooo travel blanket is a good idea. Thank you @cryptocariad! I will use a different yarn for that. This one is kinda rough acrylic. Not so nice for the skin.

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Yep! I agree with the other ladies. I recognized the yarn from the fish tank post and it was your solution. I definitely remember those pretty colors! I think it would make a good travel blanket too.

I love crocheting while traveling too! You really can get a lot accomplished. Lol I do the same thing...

Crochet, Nap and Repeat! 😂


Hehe yay! Crochet, Nap and Repeat! That is a nice mantra!
That's right, it was the fishtank solution and am making a floormat this round (similar to the fishtank, except this is for the feet :D). Ooo yes, travel blanket is a good idea. I was just telling @cryptocariad that I will use a different yarn for that. This one is kinda rough acrylic that is not the nice, cuddly kind. Thank you @needleworkmonday for dropping by and commenting on my post! 😘


Haaa! Yes maybe we I should find a place to use that mantra for our group! Except I would need to make it broader and not just crochet! 😁😉

Oh yes a lap blanket in a more cozy yarn would definitely be ideal. 👌🏽

You are so welcome, it’s always a pleasure stopping by~ 💗

Ooooooo! I understand you: I, too, feel bad when I'm traveling in a car or bus. and if I need to fly on an airplane, I take pills from it. you are good at making crochet on the road, then time passes not in vain. I can not guess what it will be but I like the color of the yarn: gentle and pleasant in appearance.


Thank you @tali72. Yes yes, I do have certain conditions in order to be able to crochet on the road - the road must be straight-ish, not windy, the drive must be smooth (no traffic, no sudden movements, no sudden brakes :D) and I keep my head firmly rested on the headrest. It does make good use of the time :)
Hehe.. it is going to be a floor mat. Need to add more yarn to make a wider for the feet.
Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting @tali72. I appreciate you much 😘.


wow !!! it will be a very beautiful mat! I'm used to the fact that the foot mats are made from dark colors yarn. At me too most about movement of transport. sometimes drivers are just awful and the trip is the biggest test 😶


Thank you so much @tali72! I hope it turns out well :D
Yes! It all depends on the drivers. Some drivers are very impatient and brakes all the time. I can't stand it.

I don't know much about crochet @marblely. But i do love the color. The color of the crochet very pretty.


Thank you @oliviackl. Yah, the colour is pretty nice. I like it too :)

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