Crocheted Adult Booties

in needleworkmonday •  2 months ago

I started off crocheting a pair of slippers because I like to wear socks or footies on my feet when I am at home. I prefer the soft socks as opposed to house shoes. After I finished the slippers, I decided to continue and make them booties.


I added a different color that was speckled in the original wool that I used. I added six more rows of double crochet to the slippers so that I could also turn them over into a cuff.


I would have been satisfied with the original design which was a simple pair of slippers, but I decided to go a little further since I had so much yarn.


I also have a few pieces of leather, suede and pigskin that I have been holding on to to make a purse. I used to do some leather crafting as another one of my hobbies, but my son lost my tools. I discovered that to replace them will cost me around $50 and I don’t want to spend that yet until I am sure that I will actually use the tools.

I have a lot of interests that involve sewing, crocheting, knitting, jewelry making and pottery. With so much to keep me busy, I could make quite a few hand made items with materials and equipment that I already own.

My next projects will involve making another pair of booties for my mother and a couple of smaller things for my grandsons who live in a colder climate.

I probably would not have been crocheting and finishing projects if it were not for this platform and the #needleworkmonday. If there was a group of jewelry makers and potters, then I would be more focused on those crafts as well.

I look forward to seeing what the other Steemians are working on today.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Creativity is awesome.


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They look really cosy - should keep your feet warm :)

They look very comfortable, @jluvs2fly. When I first read your post I thought you mentioned the leather for making soles for the slippers :D
Do you use anything on the sole to avoid slipping?


No, not for my booties. I am not afraid of slipping because I wear socks around the house all the time. I am investigating adding a leather sole for my mother’s booties because she is very elderly. It won’t be too difficult, but it will take longer since I will have to punch holes in the leather prior to crocheting.

These look so so comfy and warm! And with the cold season approaching, I'd say they'll be a perfect companion every day :D

I agree with you @needleworkmonday is a great group for keeping everyone motivated to keep creating! :D

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You really made the boots!! I love them. I always have cold feet and these higher boot/socks are so helpful. I am directly contemplating to make a pair myself. Also I love the color combo, with the lighter blue at the top.
And I am curious awaiting your crafting stories (I recently discovered clay work... much to learn for me)

Very cute finish! I love that you added the blue in so you can cuff them down...very cute!

I’m glad this space helps keep everyone motivated and crafting! 😊

Thanks for sharing with us this week~


You’re welcome. It was my pleasure. 😊

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