NeedleWorkMonday - Crochet Baby Cardigan - Part 2

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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday to you!!! I managed to get the second part of my baby’s cardigan completed. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it. This pattern was graciously given to us by @neumannsalva. I didn’t think I would start working on it so soon but I couldn’t resist the cuteness. I’m glad it will be ready before the cooler weather starts to surface.

Here’s what I accomplished last week...

The Border


I had the colors of Fall leaves in my mind so I decided to do some pretty earth tone colors for this cardigan. These colors go well with my daughter’s complexion. I was excited adding on this splash of color as @neumannsalva describes it. I get all giddy when I start seeing contrast colors liven up a garment! 🤩

The Sleeves


Oh yea bring on the color!






The pattern called for 24 stitches around for the sleeve but I ended up having 27. I wanted to make sure all of the gaps were filled in. It still worked out nicely, the roomier the better :)

I decided to add the same color border to the sleeves...


The Buttons


I’m not the biggest fan of sewing on buttons but it has to be done. Once I start I try to finish in the same sitting so I won’t have to revisit it later lol.




There are two more elements I will be adding on to this cardigan. My hopes are to get them done this week so I can present the finished garment to you next #NeedleWorkMonday.

What will you be working on for this Fall?

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

Thanks for Being Here!














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I love the color combinations!


Thank you!!!! 😃 Fall colors are my favorite!!

It is so exciting to see you making this cardigan. Your color choice is beautiful and absolutely fall with the mustard and dark red (reminds me of fall leaves) And I think the three color version is even better than with only two.
With the sleeves.... as @shanibeer also wrote she needed more stitches, perhaps I made a mistake in the pattern (so sorry)
I am curious if you will make pockets or applique :-DDD
And I think I forgot to answer your last comment about the photos (sorry) and I absolutely share your ideas about putting photos of children into the web - so do not feel pressured to make 'model' photos, your photos are beautiful as they are <3


Yay!! It warms my heart knowing you are pleased with my recreation of your pattern! The colors remind me of leaves too!

No apologies! Seriously that is the only thing I ran into that I had to adjust. Everything else was so straight forward and easy to follow. It was no biggie at all and I think those that try it will know to adjust the number of sts.

I see you guessed it right that I would be making pockets. Sorry I’m so late with my responses...I haven’t been on Steemit or posting as much.

Thanks for understanding~ 😊💗


No problem ... you know I admire your ability to juggle family, schooling, crochet and writing here. So if you answer late, absolutely no problem. I am happy you are able to fit all these things into your timetable :-D
Looking forward to the pockets <3


I really appreciate that. I’m learning just how much adding one more child into the schedule totally changes the dynamics of things. I am starting to feel more overwhelmed and out of time. I’m trying to take it day by day and fit in what I can. My personal blog has had to take a hit and I haven’t had the time to post other than for #needleworkmonday. It’s okay though. The main thing is I’m having fun and mingling and the rest will come later. I’m mainly focusing on growing the needlework community and getting the Discord set up for the time being.

That came out adorable!! ♥
Great work!


Thank you so much! ❤️

I really like the colours and wonder whether you will be crocheting some applique leaves, @crosheille.
I still have a couple of projects that I would like to finish (ie digestive tract and current crochet cardigan). After that it's hats, a toy for a charity and scarves... I always allow for other interesting looking projects though :D


Thank you @cryptocariad! I plan on adding on some appliqués but they won’t be leaves. 😉 I’m going to try my hand at adding something that’s not from a pattern...we’ll see how it turns out. I’m trying to do more freeform crochet and just let my imagination tell me where to go! 😃

Looks like you have a nice line up! It’s sure to keep you busy crafting! 😍


I'm very curious now, @crosheille. I've never really done freeform crochet, but as I like improvising when I make things I think it will be lots of creative fun :D


This will be my first time. I’m a little nervous but hopefully I can get it to look somewhat like what I imagined lol!

Creative fun indeed! 😁

that sweeter so beautiful, I also knitted one years ago very similar, but yours is beautiful, congratulations


Thank you so much @carolinacardoza! Oh nice! Did you knit one for yourself or was it baby size too?

How many stitches did you cast on for the sleeves? The pattern says 24, but I found I needed 26 (or maybe 28) otherwise I had gaps in the join between body and sleeves.
I love the colours 😊 Is it cotton yarn? It seems to have a slight sheen.


Yep I needed 27. I’m glad you reminded me because I meant to add that to the post. I wanted to make sure the gaps were filled in too.

The burgundy and yellow colors are cotton and the tan color is acrylic.

Thanks so much for viewing! I’m glad you like the colors! 😊


I see you edited the post 😊
I'm back at work and its super busy, but I will investigate!


Yes I sure did! Haa!

Hey we are in the process of setting up our Discord channels. What is your handle on Discord? First I should ask if you would be interested in being a MOD for our group? 😊

Those colours are so nice and remind me of fall indeed.. you've created a really cute cardigan :-)


Thank you!!! 🤗

Great Job! You must have done needlework for a long time.


Thank you! Yes I’ve been crocheting for 8 years now. 😊

For me burgundy and yellow is a perfect colour combination, especially for autumn/winter clothes. You and your husband picked those colours really well, the cardigan looks so beautifully harmonious!

I am sure your daughter will look adorable in this little cardigan :)


Thank you! I agree that these colors are great for autumn!!! The colors really look great on her!

wow..getting ready for the fall..a beautiful cardigan with a nice color combination..i love it..❤

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Thank you!! Yes getting ready now because it always hits when I’m not ready lol! 😄

Super cute! She's going to look adorable in that!! :)


Thanks so much!

I would say that many good quality posts. Especially the photos are great.

That is the cutest!!!
Can't wait to see what the last 2 elements are :)


Thank you kindly~ ❤️

wonderful!!!! I like your bright colors. I think you'll add a flower from yarn that is on sleeves or an overhead pocket :)


Thank you!! You were right about the pocket!! 😄

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Thank you!

This is nice, and hard work!

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Thank you so much! It’s fun but it is time consuming and does require work, attention and patience. ☺️

I looks great! I love the multicolor pattern, too. I wonder what your finishing touches will be!


Thank you!!

So, so cute @crosheille!! I love how you added a red sleeves to the brown body pieces and the yellow borders. Ooo its gonna look so cute on your baby!!


Thanks so much @marblely!