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in #ned6 years ago

@ned is a THIEF

BITCH this is public notice you stole from me in your game.

I will put your thieving ass in court tomorrow and get the biggest judgment you will ever see.

Put my property back now you thief.

People this platform is in complete control of Ned Scott it is not decentralized and Ned Scott pressed a button and STOLE FROM ME.

I'm the Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sollog Adoni

I am now suing Need Scott as well as STEEMIT.com and STEEM for theft.

I got 6 case cites in the US Supreme court bitch.

You coin will now go to less than $1.00 as all you start to see online is my accusation against you punk.

I just destroyed your game pussy.



I have been reading your posts, and while you are right in some aspects I think you also have a few wrong points. But I really don't want to go into that, you see I had never heard of you, and now because of Steemit I am looking at your page, so at least Steemit has given you some more exposure, even though I am not sure if you need it.
OK I have been looking at some items on your site, I was born in 1961, I think we coincide there, you are about my age.

I just reported Ned Scott to authorities for THEFT.

Your coin will crash this week Ned it's worthless since you stole from an international judge.

Crash goes steem it's worthless like Ned Scott

#nedthief #steemscam #steemitfraud #steemscam

See you in court Ned you thief

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