Ned Powering down?

in ned •  8 months ago  (edited)

So Ned is powering down, as it seems all of his steem:


I wonder why?

Clearly having all of your funds on public display, may not be fun or useful.

He also gives an explanation in his account:


How do you feel about this?

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Dear my friend @btc-dialog, i suggest to go to see this post:
She was a very good writer till one month ago, but now she left Steemit, as you can see from her post and self comments she was talking about it and leave for us the last post full of angry but unfortunately with many truly info...:((((

It's his right to do so, he has a lot of projects that need funding. We should give him a break and trust that he knows what he is doing.

I don't get why people are always so concerned with @ned powering down like its the biggest crime towards humanity. If he wants to get financial gains out of his own project and stake he has every right to do so and if he wants to dilute his stake thats good. The amount of steem locked up in big accounts is still disproprotionate and the more liquid steem on the market the more investors can pick it up for a steal and build their accounts and redistribute income faster than one person with a large stake ever could


I agree. Having everything on public display does not mean you have to take into acc what people may say when you do something with the funds you have earned and saved up.


hi @btc-dialog

I absolutely agree with @chekohler. I kind of feel sorry for @ned sometime.

This isn't the first big power-down he did. Steem is at a low so it would be an odd time to cashout.

Steem was meant to be as transparent as possible. It is unfair that only those with more knowledge about how cryptocurrencies work are able to hide their balance while the rest are forced to be transparent.

There should be an option for hiding the balance into saving account.

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wow why would I power down?

Not so very long ago he announced he had a developers team working on a brand new interface for SteemIt. I assume those developers need to be paid and that setting up.the entire system will need to be financed.

It's not the first time he's powering down, and it won't be the last time either. I think you should stop worrying about what he's doing. Adter all, he's got a company to run...

Maybe it has something to do with his new project. Usually if someone is cashing out for whatever reason, its not good. Look at LTC

How could he start to power down twice? I think I'm missing something.

Let's hope he knows what he's doing ... Let's trust him.

Word on the block is everybody getting ready for end of the year or beginning of the year pump and dump. :)


Or hes decentralizing the system more like people have been clamoring for the last 2 years.

Lets not forget that many have been wanting ned to reduce his stake.

Now hes doing exactly that and people still wanna chop his head off.

i think he test the market after the power down.


he want to cash out and build a projek SMT.

sorry if i wrong..