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RE: Neblio (NEBL) Update: Vision Becoming A Reality!

in #neblio3 years ago

I would just like to know why $450 was spent promoting this post... when the next first place runner is hundreds of dollars behind for the front page? I'm not saying NEBL is crap.... but fuck, save some money!


Yeah, I am shocked too. I think you are right. they should save the money instead of wasting like that

Who is they? this is my own post... I thought Steemit was a serious platform. I come from the internet marketing world. Spending that amount on content marketing is not a lot of money..

Maybe it have been smarter if you upvoted this post using a bidding bod, thus you would get more exposure and receive some of the money, if not all, back.

Is that a bad thing? I want people to read my posts...

Just odd considering you overcut the competition by $400!??!

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