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RE: Cavaliers Trade Isaiah Thomas to Los Angeles Lakers

in #nba5 years ago

The only thing I like about this on LA's side is the draft pick (not yet sure the status of it being protected) Thomas is a defensive disaster and Clarkson is underrated and improving. Hopefully they'll just shut IT down or trade him again. Sorry to see Larry Nance go too but maybe now they keep Randle?


I think getting out of the Clarkson contract was huge for them. You can't pay a 6th man $13 M a year to jack up ill-advised shots on a young team.

As for Randle, I don't think they'll keep him either. If they let him walk after the season, they'l have room fro two max contracts and I think they are going to do whatever they can to lure Paul George and LeBron to LA with that.

Ok thanks @brandonp..I guess LeBron could handle Randle's minutes pretty well!

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