🏀 NBA All Star Weekend Contest #1 | Pick your player to win SBD 💵 + Bonus 2 SBD on offer!

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Deadline: Sun 18/02 @ 11am AEST

What is the Skills Challenge on All Star Weekend?

The NBA Skills Challenge (officially named The Taco Bell Skills Challenge) is a competition to test ball-handling, passing and shooting ability of nominated NBA players.

Players will have to complete various drills to advance through the round until the final 2 competitors face off for the trophy!

Rules to qualify to the Contest

UPVOTE this contest post.
• Upvote MY COMMENT with your prediction for the winning player.
• You can upvote ONLY ONE comment per contest or selections void.
• Deadline: Deadline: Deadline: Sun 18/02 @ 11am AEST

2018 Participants

Spencer Dinwiddie (Nets), Joel Embiid (76ers), Al Horford (Celtics), Lauri Markkanen (Bulls), Buddy Hield (Kings), Jamal Murray (Nuggets), Andre Drummond (Pistons), Lou Williams (Clippers)

What's the prize?

50% of the SBD's generated from this author post will be shared equally with upvoters that select the correct result.

How do I win the Bonus 2 SBD?

If you decide to resteem this post, you will go into a draw to win 2 SBD :)

A computer program will select this at the completion of the author payout.

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Up-votes closed no further predictions accepted: @danjo1984 @barbadosso @addempsea @ragnaros @mekky @ralr11 @jaymesbawned you're locked in!

bbM06F-s_reasonably_small.jpg Spencer Dinwiddie

Up-votes closed no further predictions accepted: @geoffreydemars @mirda @fastold @killbill73 @safat you're locked in!

Winners post can be found here congratulations!

Resteem winner for bonus 2 SBD can be found here


Up-votes closed no further predictions accepted: @vicspics @photo-moment @dahmsy79 @sharlyn @rosmi @linterio @xtramedium you're locked in!

pistonslogo-128x128.png Andre Drummond

Up-votes closed no further predictions accepted: @maverick0524 @dahmsy79 @galasek @josephlacsamana @kulate you're locked in!

you got a double voter, just letting you know under williams and murray

Cheers mate,

I've been running a report with a steem tool before I post winners so been picking these discrepancies up each time.

Spencer Dinwiddie won the skills contest so they would not have had the correct prediction anyway :)


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Joel Embiid

Hi @jareen61

There is no need to post your comment to be eligible.

All you need to do is upvote the contest post and mt comment with your proffered selection.

Thanks, @o07

Upvoted this post, and your comment. Andre Drummond :D and Resteemed too :D