Fascist Storm Rising in Ukraine - Massive Parade of US and EU Funded Nationalist Azov Battalion Volunteer Army Resembles Hitlers SS Corps

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Video extracted from the official You Tube channel of the new Ukrainian National Corps Division which is a branch of the Azov Right Sector Regiment, an official branch of the Ukrainian military, that has been receiving US, EU, Canadian and Australian military support, hardware and funding since 2014. The newly formed battalions banner appears to be a flag that incorporates both elements of the Ukrainian Trident flag along with the symbol of the Misanthropic Division which makes up part of the Azov regiment. A large number of members of the White Hammer group also make up portions of the Azov Regiment, Misanthropic Division and new Nationalist Volunteer Division. The White Hammer groups is led by the White Fuhrer Andrey Biletskiy, who is also the commander of the Azov Regiment and its subordinated units.

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Proof of western government funding for Nazis in Ukraine:




Last June, Congress passed a resolution intended to block American military funding for Ukraine from being used to provide training or weaponry for the Azov Battalion. Congress is reported to have recently repealed its ban on a Ukrainian militia accused of being neo-Nazi, opening the way for American military assistance.

Last June, Congress passed a resolution intended to block American military funding for Ukraine from being used to provide training or weaponry for the Azov Battalion, an independent unit that had been integrated into the former Soviet Republic’s national guard and was taking part in operations against Russian- backed rebels. Called a “neo-Nazi paramilitary militia” by Congressmen John Conyers Jr. and Ted Yoho, who cosponsored the bipartisan amendment, the battalion has been a source of controversy since its inception.

With the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel symbol on its unit flash – which resembles a black swastika on a yellow background – and founders drawn from the ranks of the paramilitary national socialist group called “Patriot of Ukraine,” the group would have been a fringe phenomenon in any Western nation, but with its army unequipped to face the separatist threat in the east, Kiev actually integrated Azov into its military forces.

According to a report in The Nation, the Pentagon lobbied the House Defense Appropriations Committee to remove the Conyers-Yoho amendment from the 2016 defense budget, claiming it was unnecessary as such funding was already prohibited under another law.

End excerpt-

2nd article:

Congress Has Removed a Ban on Funding Neo-Nazis From Its Year-End Spending Bill



Under pressure from the Pentagon, Congress has stripped the spending bill of an amendment that prevented funds from falling into the hands of Ukrainian neo-fascist groups.
By James Carden JANUARY 14, 2016

More at link above.....

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Link to recent Clarity of Signal posts on fascism and Nazism in Ukraine:


EU Fascism Embraced: Over 20 Highly Revealing Videos Highlight US and EU Support for Fascist Pro-Nazi Military Battalions in Ukraine


Link to You Tube version (uploaded January 29, 2018)

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14 points to live and to die for:

  1. Misanthropic Division is a NS Brotherhood exclusive to european and eurodescendent men. We live accordingly the principles of Nature and we denounce the modern political and corrupt system with his multicultural society.

  2. Misanthropic Division is composed with people who refuse this repugnant modern world. Our misanthropy is a cry of hatred towards human weakness and all that oppose traditional values based on the laws of Nature. The main purpose of NS is the Ubermensch, deprived of weakness, defects and ugliness.

  3. Misanthropic Division is nietzschean and promotes the revival of our primordial religions, that of our ancestors. Therefore, Misanthropic Division rejects all beliefs and religions strange to our ancestral heritage.

  4. Misanthropic Division members are free to join and to be part of any other political organisations that promote our Cause, but always bearing in mind their allegiance to Misanthropic Division principles and brotherhood.

  5. As a brotherhood, all Misanthropic Division members must be treated as equal by all national chapter members. No offense or disrespect will be tolerated to other member or Chapter of our Misanthropic Division brotherhood. Those who violate this basic principle will face disciplinar sanctions and may be expelled from Misanthropic Division.

  6. Internal Rules are full responsability of each Misanthropic Division Chapter. New members should prove their intents to join Misanthropic Division for, at least, one year.

  7. Misanthropic Division Chapters should struggle by all means necessary and whatever it takes to rebuild a common european society, based on Family, Folk and Tradition; protecting our European Culture and Identity.

  8. Misanthropic Division main purpose is the immediate support of military in ATO – AZOV and DUK – without forgetting that they are fighting and representing our cause.

  9. All Misanthropic Division Chapters should produce their own local propaganda, according to the national situation of each country.

  10. Misanthropic Division is neither a gang or a terrorist organisation. Misanthropic Division members are political soldiers promptly to fight for a worldview. As so, Misanthropic Division denounce gang behaviour (drug consumption/dealing, robbery, etc) as part of modern decadence.

  11. We should defend the integrity of all European ethnicities, Languages and Traditions as our own Heritage.

  12. Family is the basic cell of a community, as so all Misanthropic Division members put their families as a priority, since in our families lies the future of white children and consequently of our Race as a whole.

  13. It is mandatory to Misanthropic Division members to assist our members who are facing judicial problems or are behind bars, as well when a member or a family member needs help in any form may it be.

  14. All MD brotherhood members will proceed with Honour and Loyalty, remembering that UNITED WE WILL WIN!

Image from their site shows they are aligned with the US funded Azov battalion that is part of the make-up of the official Ukrainian military.

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As long as they fight the russians the international community will continue to support them even if they are neo nazi... 🤔


Sadly, you are correct, and the mainstream media has done an effective job of brainwashing and distracting the public in regards to such matters.

Mainstream media has done a fantastic job distracting people with pepe and nazi punching while this shit is happening unnoticed to most.
Good work as always.


Thank you @Gurudeva You are 100% correct. The MSM play the leading role in the distraction and allow this to go on unseen while it continues to grow.


I can only imagine how Americans would feel if Russia began supporting a revolution at our southern border. I don't watch TV, but I'm still usually aware of what's happening in the news cycle and you're correct that I've heard nothing on this lately. I remember times when, even if not sincere, our leaders used to at least talk about helping facilitate peace talks in other regions. Now they don't even talk about it anymore. It's always change, revolution, taking sides, creating an uprising. It is so disheartening what my leadership continues to do to the world.

Here in my country, its happening the seem as ukraine


caracasfrases, please feel free to share some of your thoughts here. I would love to hear from your perspective.

We should always support this ,great post necessary resteem can I?

I apreachate their struggle I praying for them