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As Spring approaches the small finches, weavers and Bishop males all start putting on their mating clothes while, unlike human females, the females birds don't change at all. They KNOW that they are going to be the flavour of the season...and can pick and choose a mate at leisure.


In this photograph there are Red Bishops, Lemon Doves, Ringneck Turtle Dove and a small Cape Sparrow


eyeball toeyeball.jpg
Enter a Cape Weaver and note the wary look the Lemon Dove gives him



As always thanks for reading ..... someone....anyone?????

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Look at those attractive colours! And I guess unlike women, these female birds don't have to make an effort to please male birds, eh? 😄


Nope the males are queuing up...and fighting over them. Thanks for stopping by. I thought there are only bots operating in Steemit Ghost Town


No problem @themagus. 😊 Yes - there are many bots around here, and I also feel that sometimes Steemit's like a ghost town or shall I say a 'bot town'. Sometimes I don't even see genuine interaction in this platform, but definitely not enough reason to opt out of here and lose hope in it.

That's why I'm here, a real human, happy to see great posts by real humans like you.

Cheers! 😀

Your bird-pictures become better and better from post to post! Nice ones and intense colors :)

I got distracted yesterday looking for some of my pics to compare these to, and completely spaced finishing my comment (and gave up on finding comparison shots...LOL). Suffice to say it's so cool, yet so strange, seeing birds that look similar to the ones in my own back yard, but with different plumage. Excellent captures!



Epic it. Eishhh, even my Indonesia admirers have left me...ever since I delegated my SP .... fair weather friends {sob} least I know you not here for the money.... { thinks....frowns...} ' y is she here? Whats in it for her?' .....


Geez, how would someone know you delegated your SP in the first place? I mean, I get how you could figure it out, but why go snooping in someone's wallet?

peeks at @themagus' wallet

Ahh, gotcha. You're poor now, so we can't be friends. Good to know. 😂

I did come to Steemit for the money, but I'm staying for the community.

However, for what it's worth, I've been blogging for over 13 years (and goofing on social media long before we even called it social media), and I'd guess in all that time, I made maybe about $200-ish for my trouble (and please don't ask how that compares to how much I've spent on hosting and

If I powered down now, even with the crap exchange rate, I'd still have made more than twice that in less than a year here.

But I can't tell you any of that, because you're a poor person with a crap upvote, so nevermind. 😉😂


I made a habit of choosing random Indonesian Steemians and hitting them with 100% upvotes at over a dollar ... and they told their buddies and for a long time I had many many weird English comments (mostly begging) ... but now that my vote is 3cents .... they all went begging some where else.


Ahh, so kind of a silver linings thing, eh? 😜

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Magus, sorry for being such a bad friend! How's our story going? I lost track of it.

I was reading about some animals of Africa, when I came upon a rare bird called 'Hooded pitohui'. Have you ever heard of that? The article said it's the only species of bird to be poisonous.