#photography| Ulog 10: Peach blossom 🌸v

in #naturephotography2 years ago (edited)

Hi Steemians,
It is the turning point from winter to spring in Australia 🇦🇺. On the way home, several houses have peach blossoms in front of their houses. I can’t stop myself taking some pictures. it has been a while that I have not posted anything.
There are some pictures that I took last week. Hope you guys will like it!


I walked home 🏡(around 2 km but it took me more than 30 minutes) just because of these pics! How hilarious I am 👊👊👊

Life is difficult. I reckon that I can be safe by staying in my own world. However, I can’t live without interactions. At the end of the day, a surprising stuff happens. I can not manipulate others' behaviours; what I can do is managing my attitudes. Just F***ing do the thing that doesn't violate my personal morality. Diversity needs to be respected.
By chance, one colleague told me early today “Smiling helps you live longer and healthier. Look at me, I am 51. I have been in Aus more than 20 years. Being a human is very difficult. Just try your best and everything will be fine!”
Honestly, I think he is lying. He looks just around 40. He always shows the good attitude and energy!!!!! I thought that I should learn from him! Smile more, worry less!!!

Can't help falling in love with my photos!!! Haha 😆
Hope all have a good night!


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