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RE: DARN SNAKE! how to,...primitive catch, wild rattlesnake VS a stick

in #nature5 years ago

I think there are people out there who have tried,.. and failed,.. ended up getting bit,.. it only takes once,.. thank you for your wonderful comment hippie,.. I have my pa's WW1 .455 Webley, all matching numbers shoots like a wet dream! all over the place,... LOLOL nah,.. it's a straight up no kick 45,.. smooth nice carryover, thank you for your comment!


Cool! WE locate a lot of venomous snakes, mostly Copperheads, Cottonmouths, and Pygmy Rattlesnakes.

That's a photo from one of my favorite photo shoots I ever did. Still have to meet a "real" rattlesnake, as our Pygmies only get up to around 2 feet.... one day.

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