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RE: DARN SNAKE! how to,...primitive catch, wild rattlesnake VS a stick

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GOOD FOR YOU DUDE!!! Rainbow Hats off to you! Great catch! The snake is mightier then the gun. No fear, you just caught that rattler no problem. You made it look like a piece of cake. @papa-pepper would love this! I can't wait till I finally come across my first rattler in the wild and show everyone how easy they are to catch. I wonder if you handle a rattlesnake long enough if they can be tamed like non-venomous snakes? That would be so cool having a pet rattlesnake. What would I need a gun for when I could just walk around with the rattlesnake around my neck? DON'T TREAD ON ME!!!


I think there are people out there who have tried,.. and failed,.. ended up getting bit,.. it only takes once,.. thank you for your wonderful comment hippie,.. I have my pa's WW1 .455 Webley, all matching numbers shoots like a wet dream! all over the place,... LOLOL nah,.. it's a straight up no kick 45,.. smooth nice carryover, thank you for your comment!

Cool! WE locate a lot of venomous snakes, mostly Copperheads, Cottonmouths, and Pygmy Rattlesnakes.

That's a photo from one of my favorite photo shoots I ever did. Still have to meet a "real" rattlesnake, as our Pygmies only get up to around 2 feet.... one day.

Thanks, I only saw this because of you!

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