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Hi, Steemit !!!

The main decorative fishes for the pond are goldfish and koi carps.
The maintenance of goldfish in the pond is not difficult, they are unpretentious in feed and conditions of detention, if you have properly equipped your reservoir, have established an adequate water treatment system, then during the spring-autumn the fish will delight you with their colors.








I wish you all a nice day and good mood !!!

@ teddy2


The pond is beautiful and so are the fish, especially the blue ones. I wish you a nice day too @teddy2! : )

Thanks whatisnew!
I apologize for the untimely marks of the photo, on October 23 I had a cataract surgery on my right eye and for a few days I could not work on the computer.

No apology necessary among friends @teddy2. Wishing you fast healing and good sight. : )

Thank you very much !!!

Wow, the blue fish looks amazing! I had a few decorative fishes at home when I was a child but they sadly die so quickly!

Thank !!!
These fish live in an artificial pond near the entrance to the Shopping Center and they like it here.

срочно нужна удочка! :))))

Лучше сачёк ...

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