Stunning scenery in the North of Thailand

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Doi Tung2.jpg

The more you go higher, the more you feel cooler.

Yeah! It’s true!

If you visit Thailand and you would like to touch cooler atmosphere, you may want to go to the North of Thailand.

If you follow my blog, you may see that there were several places in the Northern part that I presented to you and you may learn from my posts that most of the area in the North is situated in the mountains. I think, the mountains scenery is, of course, one of the most stunning scenery that many people love, including me.

Actually, travelling is a part of my life… I love travelling in the past with my family, my father usually drove us to many places from South to North, from East to West. But I don’t have good opportunity to do that nowadays, after he passed away. That’s so sad!

In the meantime, travelling via photos of my sisters or brother or our friends, especially in Steemit, can also make me happy.

The photos in this post came from my sister who recently visited Doi Tung, Chiang Rai, one of the fascinating places, in the North of Thailand. It’s unfortunate that she took only few photos for this trip.

Doi Tung3.jpg

Anyway, I think, I can touch the fresh air, cool weather, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere from the wonderful tree and magnificent mountains via these photos.

Doi Tung.jpg

Doi Tung1.jpg

And I do really hope you can feel like me, too. ;)

Doi Tung4.jpg


Wow that's amazing photography and the location as well!


Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear that you like the photo and the location. ;)

That is a gorgeous place. As you say, the mountains are so beautiful, and relaxing. And nice to have a place to go to cool off. Amazing how it can be hot in the valley, and then go up to the top and almost freeze. I've been in blowing snow in Hawaii, while looking down on the hot, hot beach. Amazing indeed.

I'm sad you don't get to travel as much now, but also, happy you can think back to all of the times you had as a youngster, driving all over Thailand with your father and family. Such special times and memories. So glad you got to do that. I have many fond memories of the same, family vacations. I don't travel as much now either, mainly due to money. But a road trip is still fun now and then. Hope your Saturday is a grand one, Cheers, my GFF

I totally agree with you, family vacations were really special times and fond memories, as you said, indeed.

Thanks so much for your nice comment and sharing your own experience with me.... Oh! That's very amazing, "blowing snow in Hawaii, while looking down on the hot, hot beach", I would love to experience it by myself someday!

Yes, it's so sad for not travelling much now. For me, apart from without my father, money is another reason, too.

Have a pleasant weekend, GFF! ;)

I sure can touch the fresh air and my eyes, body and mind are relaxed now from looking at the beautiful mountains and peaceful scenery. Thank you for that @tangmo! Isn't it great to be an armchair traveler here on Steemit? : )

Yeah! That's a good idea, "an armchair traveler" on Steemit.....

I'm happy to hear that you can touch the fresh air and your eyes, body and mind can be relaxed from looking at the beautiful mountains and peaceful scenery. The same as me...., my true sis!

Many thanks for your nice comment! ;)

True sisters forever! Hugs! : )

You are right! LOVE! ;)))

Wow! That’s one place I told myself to visit years ago! Good weather, good food and very nice atmosphere!

Still want to go there one day!

Yeah! Me, too! I would love to go there again soon.... Very nice atmosphere indeed! Many thanks! ;)

Life is getting hectic! Time is running short!
Have a nice day.

You are right!

Have a wonderful day! ;)

Really nice photos, @tangmo. Nicely manicured lawns and beautiful views too. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much for your nice comment. Ah! I love these beautiful views, too... ;)

Wow this is excellent photography . so nature location. is great article sir.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad that you like the place and the photos. ;)

Wow the nature at its best yet again so good to see such good shots

Wow the nature at
Its best yet again so good
To see such good shots

                 - blazing

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@blazing! Many thanks! I'm glad that you like the place and the photos. ;)