Beauty of nature in the countryside of Thailand Part I

in nature •  4 months ago 

countryside view5.jpg

As I always said, each place has its own fascinating nature and nature can impress me every minute no matter where I go. Today, I would like to show you photos of beautiful nature that I found in the countryside of Thailand….

If you still remember, I visited my friend’s house in Chonburi province, in the East of Thailand, (not far away from Pattaya) from times to times and posted many photos here in the past. A few days ago, I was lucky that I had good opportunity again to be among nice nature there.

Even though, it’s the same area, I think, the beauty of nature looks different because when the time is changed, the surrounding nature; i.e. the weather, the sky, the clouds, the plants, have changed, too…. Ah! There are always something new to look at and these always make me feel happy!

I think, the happiness that we can gain from nature is always free. We can spend unlimited time in nature. Yeah! That’s why I spent the whole afternoon in my friend’s garden to admire the beauty of nature around and these photos are the results…. ;D

Starting from the rice fields that most impressed me. I can say that the greenery rice fields never disappoint me! They looked refreshing and these can relax my eyes as well.

countryside view8.jpg

countryside view9.jpg

countryside view7.jpg

countryside view12.jpg

countryside view13.jpg

The house in the far distance in the below photos is a unique style of architecture of ancient Thai house which floor was built in the high position above the ground.

Imagine! If we stay in that house, when waking up and seeing sunrise with the beautiful green rice field and birds flying to and fro outside the window like this, that would be really wonderful moment, right?

countryside view10.jpg

countryside view11.jpg

Even though it’s rainy season now in Thailand, with the sun in the afternoon like this, it’s still extremely hot….

It’s fortunate that the small pond that was in front of me can cool down the temperature, so I can stay there for hours…

I love the reflection of the trees on the water, too. Really beautiful!

countryside view15.jpg

countryside view14.jpg

countryside view18.jpg

countryside view20.jpg

countryside view23.jpg

This is a simple way of life that I love.... I do hope that you can touch the atmosphere and can see the beauty of nature in the countryside of Thailand through these photos as well… ;)))

p.s. : As I took many photos on that day, I'll split the photos into two posts, so that my posts will not be too long. In the next post, you will see some of fruit trees in my friend's garden. Please stay tuned. ;D

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Wow those paddy fields looks so beautiful! Nice photography of the nature if Thailand and it's lot similar to the nature around my country as well!


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@theguruasia! Thanks a lot! Oh! It's great that our countries have similar nature and I'm glad that you like these paddy fields, too. ;)

Hi, @tangmo ! Everything looks so bright green when the plants have enough moisture. You showed us such a Sunny day that I can not believe that it is now the rainy season :)). In my understanding - it's gray and gloomy clouds, but in Your photos looks very beautiful. I'll wait for your story to continue. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot for your nice comment.

Ha ha! Believe me, it's rainy season! I don't understand the weather here either..... Sometimes we have heavy rains, sometimes we have hot and sunny day like this..... Anyway, I'm glad that you like the photos.

Indeed... every place has it's own charm and beauty... we only need to open our eyes and appreciate it.
The paddy field reminds me of my childhood anyhow.
Btw... how is it with November? Is it rainy or rather dry? How is the average temperature?

Well said! I absolutely agree with you, “every place has it's own charm and beauty... we only need to open our eyes and appreciate it”. Yeah! I always appreciate everything around me, too…. ;)

I’m very happy to hear that the paddy field can remind you of your childhood. Me, too!

Ah! The winter season in Thailand normally started from October till January in the past, but nowadays, I think, there is no “winter” atmosphere in Thailand, (because it seems very hot in every seasons. Ha ha!), except that you go to the North of Thailand, especially in the higher area in the mountains. Anyway, I can say that during November - December, the weather is cooler than other months of the year, and it’s perfect time for Steemfest, for sure. The average temperature would probably be 22 – 32 degrees Celsius.

Many thanks for your nice comment. I always appreciate for your great support to my works.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in Thailand again with pleasure! ;)

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Thank you very much! ;)

Wow! This is surprising! There are still rice fields in Chonburi!

They are so lucky with rain! The fields are so green! The sky is so blue! That’s a very nice day in the countryside!

Yeah! As you said, that's a very nice day in the countryside indeed. I'm also glad to see that the fields are so green.

In the meantime, in the garden, you may notice that there were some dried leaves because there was no rain in the past few days. That's so sad.....

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. ;)

Lovely pictures @tangmo. Your friend has a big garden :)

Many thanks! Yeah! My friend has a big garden indeed. It's very relaxing there. ;)

It was such a beautiful ride. excellent photography.
Thanks @tangmo
Have a nice day.

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@goldcoin! Thanks a lot! I'm happy that you like the photos.

Have a beautiful day! ;)

Beautiful photos, I long to see Thailand again. Maybe in January :)

Many thanks! Oh! I'm very happy to see you around here again after very long time. Hope you are fine!

I'm glad to hear that you miss Thailand and plan to visit here in January. Welcome to Thailand again! ;)

Such a beautiful country to be in at the moment that's looking perfect thanks for sharing these beautiful shots

Thanks a lot! I'm glad to hear that you like these! ;)

I like to see your photos of the rice fields because they are always so green. And I never get tired of seeing photos with the trees reflection on the water. I would love to stay at that house and begin each day with that view. Beautiful photos @tangmo! : )

I just wanted you to know that I upvoted this post several days ago and I am just now able to comment. : )

First of all, I'm so sorry that I overlooked your comment.... Yeah! I knew that you upvoted this post and I also upvoted one of your post 10 days ago.... (In the meantime, I just saw your comment right now!)

I'm happy to know that you like my photos of the rice fields. Yeah! I love that they are always so green, too. The same as you, I never get tired of seeing the trees reflection on the water, too....

Ah! We are forever sister.... Beginning each day with that view is my utmost dream, too... Let's follow our dream! ;)

You never need to apologize to me sis! Thanks for your comment. : )

Yes, let's follow our dreams together sis! Hugs!

You're welcome

Yeah! Let's go.....and follow our dreams together! KISSES! ;)))

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Thank you! ;)