Warm sunset at Bukumirsko lake

in nature •  last month 

I've got my new machine, and so I wanted to transfer some crucial data, concerts and stuff I use relatively frequently - and I stumbled upon a photo album - of course I wanted to make another copy of it, and have another look. And here I am, browsing through thousands of photos, and said to myself - use them, post whenever you have some free time - at least someone will look at it - and probably say that you are a shit photographer but that doesn't matter - because I know I am. :)

Okay, Once again, mountains - ah, can't get enough of them, and I have more of them coming - but I guess I will shuffle themes a little bit in the future posts, if anyone is still there to check it out.

We successfully descended from the top of the mountain just in perfect time to catch the last sun rays bathing the mountain peaks.

All the equipment was dropped off, and high-paced moving towards the yellowish-grass near the lake. Now the water was freezing cold, and even tho there were some thoughts of swimming we simply didn't have time - since we needed to move out from the base to our mountain resort (just another excuse for cowardliness).

Now look at this photo - I'm not quite sure who let that guy build an ugly house like that in a beautiful place like this. It is probably illegal and simply an abomination. If it were a log or stone cabin that would be awesome, but this is just outrageous.

With that being said, let's check out a photo without the ugly home, and a bit closer to the water, you could feel the freshness of a mountain ice cold water.

And a bit more closer, chilly, chilly - but I really like all the reddish trees and dead grass in this one - and the dramatic sky in the background preparing the heavy storm - that will rage that night and eventually alter our plans to conquer another mountain during that weekend.

This was all I prepared for this post, and I can tell you that I like all the warm radiating from it. Thank you once again, faithful reader, for stopping by :) If there is anything that you find it interesting or want to know more about, just shoot it.

More to come in the following days.

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Really beautiful, vemi :O What are you talking about being a terrible photographer :O You have a very keen eye for composition and framing and I love the way you compose these shots.... Well, maybe you also have a very high standards to rise up to, but for me, these are really gorgeous photos :D

I even love that 'ugly' house shot ! It gives such a strange contrast to the rest of the vista, hahaha :)

Really, really enjoyed how warm and full with glow these shots are, vemi <3 Wonderful post <3 <3 <3


Thankee sai, did my best! :)

Yeah, it actually adds up some weirdness to the photo but the problem in Serbia and Montenegro is that it is uncontrollable how many of "modern" building just pops up in the beautiful places - which ends up ruining it :(

Road is almost destroyed to this place so it is still not really approachable. Which is a good thing :)


Aaah don't they need proper permits to plop such buildings? :O

If the permits are not controlled properly, they'll pop up everywhere to be sure :O

.... at least there's still difficulty with broken roads to discourage such things in this place XD

Whoever lives/lived in those houses got some amazing views every day of their lives. What a view!

Nice shots! And what a beautiful place. And you are not a shitty photographer. :D

Man, I'd love to see one or two of these photos fully developed in Lightroom or something! Especially the fourth shot :D If you want to see me dramatize that one send a high quality file in DM on Discord, my hands are itching. That's because I love chasing these shots when there's rain clouds and sun at the same time. Perfect perfect perfect drama.

I enjoyed seeing these shots! :D


Aahh, you and me both (Not that I have any super skill in post-processing). My camera didn't have raw format option, just jpeg - sadly. But, if you are still interested, I'll gladly forward you the original .jpeg file. :)


Ohhh YESSS do it! I can work with a good jpeg as well <3

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You caught some beautiful light there.. and you are so lucky to have old photos. In the past I didn't care about saving photos or making some folders and now I would love to have some old material.. but well, you learn on your own mistakes..

You should start posting more from Australia :) or do you miss home already?

Have a great start of the week spaceman! :)


Ah... Yeah but most of them are pretty low quality still brings out memories. :) Always keep at least one backup :)

Home... Not yet :) still searching for one :D


Something like these? :) Will certainly do so soon :)



Can't wait!

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