Strawhat Hiking - to Hell and Back Day 1

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Hey Steemians,

The coming week will be my last free week for this years summer vacation and I have been feeling like I haven't done enough before school starts. Me and my friends had been talking a lot about going hiking again after last time when we went to Ruissalo. You can read about that hike here!

This time we wanted to find a longer trail preferably in a National Park where you can really get away from everything and enjoy the silence. One of my friends came up with a place he had heard of called "Helvetinjärvi" that is a National Park and has beautiful hiking trails. After some research and planning we decided that this place was perfect.

Helvetinjärvi National Park

Helvetinjärvi translates to "Hell's Lake" and the landscape there has lots of geological features created millions of years ago by movements in the Earth's crust. This you can see very well at Helvetinkolu which translates to "Hell's Hole". So the park has a lot to offer with activities from nature trails and rock climbing to swimming and camping at the many different lakes. There are also other activities that are only available during the winter like skiing and ice climbing. The park was established in 1982 and has an area of about 50 square kilometers.

One question that came to mind first time I heard of this place was why the name "Hell's Lake" and after looking for an answer I found this short story that explains how this beautiful place got it's name.

There is an old story about a warlock who lived in Sipilä. One day the master of the house Ruokkee went and took a pike from Sipilä´s fish trap. The warlock got very angry, and they had a heated fight. Afterwards the warlock cursed: "There is not going to be any pikes in this hell's lake as long as my nails are still soft." And from then on, nobody caught any pikes in the lake for ages.

I wish I would've had my fishing rod with me. Those hell pikes must be delicious, haha! :D

Now that we had decided on the destination we only needed to figure out how to get there and start packing. One friend got to borrow his family's camper so on Monday afternoon we left towards Hell's Lake.

We stopped a few times on the road since we had about four hours to drive from where we live to the park. Here is the first picture I took on the road with the camper:


When we started getting closer to the park the roads started getting smaller and smaller and after a while we arrived at a farm. We decided to take a short break there because it was an ostrich farm and you don't see those so often in Finland. They all came out to greet us, one even came really close to say hello! They are so cool and big, here is the first brave one that came out to see what was going on.


And then they all came out to look:


This one was really curious to what I was doing so he came really close to greet me. My friends thought he was gonna attack me but I think we became friends, haha.


We continued on the road until we got to the parking lot of the park. When you get there the first thing you see is a small house that says "Ravintola Helvetin Portti"(Restaurant Hell's Gate) but unfortunately it was closed when we arrived there but here is a photo of it:


Close to the restaurant is where the entrance to the park is and it actually looked a little creepy in my opinion but so cool at the same time. It says "Helvettiin" (To Hell) on it:


We arrived at the park kind of late so we decided to find a good camping site and then walk around for a bit and take some pictures. The trail differs a lot and goes through woods, swamps and cliffs so you walk a lot on planks and stairs that are built there. Here is a beautiful place I found close to our first camping spot:


The camping spot was right next to a lake and it was so silent and still the whole time it was wonderful. Here are two pictures I took of the lake before we called it a night. One before nightfall and the other after. We had a beautiful full moon to look at.



After that we just cooked up some food and went to sleep in our tents. We had a long day ahead of us.

So this was the first day we spent in "Hell". I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope you all are well! I will be posting Day 2 today or tomorrow so stay tuned for that!

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Peace out, Strawhat

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Awesome photos man, looks like you had a really nice and chill time out there! Looks like a great place to take some time off from civilization.


Thanks, yeah it felt great to be out there for a while. Only thing that can really disturb you out there are the mosquitoes :D

Hi @strawhat, man time flies during summer vac as a student, I so remember the feeling of being able to wake up around noon and start the day and in bed at around sun rise the next morning. Enjoy your student life while you can. I hope the quit smoking process is going well , if you didn't indulge then you are truly well on your way to a smoke free lifestyle and to that I say, "Well Done!"
Your guys roadtrip / camp out seems to be off to an awesome start, the pics are absolutely magnificent. I love the stillness of the lake, I hope it's not in anyway similar to "Lake Placid" the movie. Stay safe guys, and have a blast. Looking forward to the next post. Cheers.


Yeah, it really does! It has been going well actually and I feel even better now :) thank you i really loved how still it was the whole time there :) so peaceful! Haven't seen that movie but I can imagine it didn't go as well there? :D thanks for reading :) take care

Nice pictures man! Looks just like from a horror movie, hopefully you fell asleep before all the scary noises started :D waiting for part two!


Thanks man :) haha, yeah it kinda felt like a horror movie during the night. :D

nice to see ur post welcome back after again many days hope u will regularly come on steem sir


Thank you :) Yea, now that my vacation is over I will have more time to Steem :)

Hell's lake sounds rather spooky! I like visiting places with a "magical" past/history.


It does! Me too man :D I wanna go to all the mysterious places

its really wonderfull park and these trails are also wonderfull for hijking strawhat


Thank you :) I agree it was beautiful

nice all photos are good and nice to hear a bout hikng its my favourit @strawhat sir


Thank you :) I had a lot of fun!

Awesome picture @strawhat really looks so cool and beautiful.


Thank you :)

Yeah just a few hours ago was wondering where are you lol.


You summoned him. :D


Probably lol :D


summoned from hell's lake


Haha really? :D here I am man

How awesome that you went hiking! I've never heard of that place before, looks really nice :) strange name for such a beautiful place :P


I hadn't either :D it was really awesome. Hah, yep

Great photo's, dude! Looks like an awesome place for camping and hiking! Also, I'm glad those Ostriches didn't attack you, lol. I've always thought they were kind of adorable, but I dunno if I would trust them to not try to peck my eyes out, lol.


Thanks :) it was. Haha yeah me too I heard they can be pretty dangerous :D

i totally enjoy your post and wish all the best on your last 3 weeks adventures , i appreciate your sharing your experience with us, i followed and resteem


Thank you :) Same to you!


You are welcome all the best

nice photos of park its really a fantastic place and also they are look beautifull with long necks sir and lake is also fantastic


Thank you :)

wonderfull work man hiking is really best time of life which remind us that points again and again and mostly it will crazy and all shots are good and national park is also good point...wish u good for ur next plans


Thank you :) i feel the same way

@strawhat very nice pictures i really enjoy watching your photographs.


Thank you :)

Cool photo of the moon. Hiking and camping are one of the best ways to clear your mind of stress and commotion.


I agree :) it helped clear my mind

Hey, I hope you're having great time. What was your favourite thing on day one? Have fun during the next days!


I guess my favorite thing was taking a dip in the lake :) it was the first time I went swimming this year so it felt great :D Thank you :)

great work... keep it up
i have upvoted you and following you now..
follow back and upvote on my interseting posts which i have posted recently...


Thank you :) I will!

You seem to have enjoyed Hiking Thanks for sharing your experience :)
Very cool clicks


It was great :) Thank you for reading!

after some days u make a post now welcome back and nice to hear ur hiking in last days of holidays


Thank you :)

Very nice. Would definitely visit.


If you are ever nearby then you should definitely visit it :)

great photos mann.. seems like u had great time out there.


Thank you :) yeah it was a blast


wow .. thats great .. wish u best of luck

Beautiful landscapes, and fun camping. Interesting post


Thanks :)

Hi .. @strawhat
I am very surprised to read the title of your article Strawhat Hiking - to Hell and Back Day 1, reading the title alone makes me very curious, and after reading all the contents of this article it is only known that the story of Helvetinjärvi National Park was destroyed because it has many geological features created by millions Years ago by the movement in the earth's crust. Called "Lake of Hell"

Your journey with friends is very exciting, let alone greeted by an ostrich farm and every step you live will surely arise wonder why nature is not friendly anymore.

The restaurant you found has also been closed so add a call to reach its location. Finally you with friends can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake at night in the middle of full moon.

Hi @strawhat ...
Will all the plants and forests of Helvetinjärv National Park become extinct for a long time?

Let's start from now we menjga good nature of flora and fauna before being damaged in this world for the lives of our children and grandchildren,

Honestly I am very sad to see Helvetinjärv National Park has now been damaged by natural factors, hopefully there is no other park similar to Helvetinjärv National Park.


I'm not really sure if I understand but the natural factors occurred a long long time ago and the park is built around them. They are more like natural wonders than damages. Yes, the title was meant as kind of as a joke since the park has this special name. Thanks for taking the time to read :)


Ok thank you very much for the explanation, I will still follow you if there is a good post

Well you must have enjoyed a lot i can tell from the photos... curious to know are these photos taken from your cell phone or a DSL camera ?

Sometimes you just wish to have unlimited holidays! To do all that amazing stuff. Yet there is days where staying at home is the best. And then you think: "WHY, WHY did I stay home and didn't do any cool stuff!"
So, good choice to get out there! :)

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