Stinging Cancer Cells?

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Today I found a pretty cool article by @aboutcoolscience
It was about a biologically active compound called “STING”, which stands for “stimulator of interferon genes”. The article talks about this compound was first found in bats and it helps them fight off viral infections. During the investigation of this compound scientist found this compound may play a role in cancer detection and your immune systems use of the compound to activate immune system cells, which kill cancer cells. It’s a real cool article and as I reviewed the blog it was filled with other very interesting articles. Read the full article here:

This blog entitled @aboutcoolscience looks pretty interesting.

I suggest you read a few articles and resteem the ones you like.
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That’s a cool picture and a cool article. I will definite check out this blog ! I will follow the link, upvote it and resteem it. So working together we can get more eyeballs on this post and poster.
Thanks for featuring someone else’s work. I know you won’t get a lot of rewards or upvotes for this, BUT your actions help bring recognition to quality posts in a sea of spam posts and I think it will help the platform grow!
Thanks @shortsegments !

Yeah I agree this kind of promotion is good. I hope I have some stuff worthy of it someday 🤣

This looks like a real cool post. Thanks for the link, I will check it out!

Thank you for the mention :)

Your welcome. I like your blog👍

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Pretty cool looking!
I will check out the blo!

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