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RE: Corals – Will they still be here in 30 years, or just be a thing a of the past?

in #nature6 years ago (edited)

Another proof of the consequences of global warming, for all those people that believe it is just Chinese conspiracy against economy of developed countries.

Increase in amount of CO2 in the atmosphere not only increases temperature of the sea, but also makes water more acid because of more CO2 is dissolved into the water. This also damage corals, but as far as I know the most harmful factor right now is temperature.

Can I translate this article to Spanish? If you allow me to do so, I will send you the obtained SBD for adding it to the donation.


Sure, would be happy if you did! We need all the exposure we can get. Let's bring in some more for this donation.

Make sure to tell people to vote on this post as well, to maximize our donations.

Ok, I will try to get the translation ready for tomorrow

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