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Yes, we actually ate it!

What even is that? Yesterday we stumbled upon an interesting thing... and we decided to eat it. I'm not sure if you've ever tried one of these before, but most of us seemed to like it...


Until next time…

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Great video ... Learned a lot... have started my own Prickly Pear patch but small compared to yours...

@manorvillemike, exacty "Prickley Pear" and excellent taste! @papa-pepper, don't tell the "little Peppers" but they are an excellent food source. We used to roast them over an open fire to burn off the spines then eat like a Kiwi fruit. There is another "Beaver Tail" cactus that will grow a almost maroon color flower with little liquid beads stuck to them. Clean off the beads (they are stricnine) and have a peyote button or two. Plains Indians and desert Soutwest Indians used to use them in ceremonies...
Ok, I'll shut up now,, excellent vid and fruit!!!

Fascinating! Note to self: always carry a pair of those useful tongs in pants pocket. :) They LOOK a lot like red dragon fruit inside, which sorta makes sense, since dragon fruit is also a cactus fruit. Great post!

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