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With some crazy flowers that almost remind me of the flower from Horton Hears a Who, this plant is a most peculiar specimen indeed!

In the undisturbed wilds of Asia and the Americas there lives a peculiar plant that would rather not be handled.

Known by many names such as the "shame plant," "sensitive plant," "shy plant" or "touch-me-not", the Mimosa Pudica has a most interesting characteristic. The plant itself looks like just another tiny plant with compound leaves.

It also will flower with wonderful pink, poofy, flowers that look a bit like pink dandelions when they go to seed.

The peculiar characteristic, though, is not noticed until you touch the leaves.

Once the leaves are touched, they begin to close.

Within seconds the leaves fold almost completely shut. Here is a video of me touching the leaves so you can see for yourself how quickly they will fold closed.



Before I share a little more about its bashful nature, it is worth pointing out that the stem of this little plant is covered in thorns. If you walk around barefoot, you just might find some without even seeing it.

Although scientists can now understand how the plant responds to touch, the why is still left to speculation. A few of the theories are that it could be a way for the plant to interfere with insects that would otherwise crawl on it and eat its leaves, or that the quick movement may be a way to scare larger herbivores that may think twice about eating such a reactive plant. Either way, this plant has certainly been given a rare capability that has fascinated millions.

The plants in this post were videoed and photographed near our friend's house in Missouri. Interestingly enough, we actually have some growing on the land that we just purchased too!

Have any of you ever seen this plant before? Have you touched it and seen it respond? The photos and info in this post are original, but I did do a little research by reading more about it at this source.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Papa-Pepper....ANOTHER nice post!


Great shots @papa-pepper! I admire the mimosa plants and their leaves are very unique. Some smell very fragrant, we have friends who have a giant mimosa tree in their front yard. We tried to take a seedling of it and plant it in our yard but it sadly died. Now we have a thriving chestnut tree which we found out was endangered at one time in New England!


The Mimosa tree is beautiful too - I agree! I saw a lot of them in bloom today!

The plant says 'touch me not' @papa-pepper...lol


LOL! Yet I still touch!

Wow fascinating to watch! Do you know if the leaves open up again?


the leaves do open up again after a while.

Don't get too close with your face. You will be picking thorns out from your beard! Good Post!


I have to do that anyway... today it was Blackberry bushes!

Never seen one before. Very interesting though. Thanks for the share. Pretty color on the flower.


what the...that plant has a brain?


It is nature. I think plants also study us.






It is an interesting plant and a pretty flower too! Thanks!

I've seen and touched this plant before though this is the first time I heard about its scientific name. People in my area have always called it the touch-me not plant and the shy plant. Most likely it makes that movement to protect itself from predators. Plants normally make adaptations to protect themselves such as roses have thorns to protect themselves from herbivores.


I'm with you on the self-defense theory. When the leaves close up, the thorns on the stems would be more prominent.


Yes, I agree with you on that aspect. The leaves closing up though are probably more effective against smaller insects looking to feed on its leaves.

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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Well how about that. Cool beans. Good post. Thanks


Those flowers are beautiful!


They really are a strange and pretty flower! I agree! Thank you!

That's pretty cool. Do you know if its related the Venus Flytrap somewhere down the genetic line? How long after you stop touching the plant do the leaves flatten back out?

Great video. :D Thanks for sharing. :D

Cool plant, that's a fast reaction time!


It does go pretty quick. I'm not used to plants doing that!

Who says plants don't have feelings! There are critters that have this defense mechanism too. Pill bugs, possum,

We also see a lot of these plants in the Philippines where they are called "makahiya" which also translates to "shy"...


Interesting! I learned something today about it now! Thanks!


There are even lots of literary folklores written about these interesting plants. Here, I found an English version for you: 😉


nice photos and really interesting plant! it's a new one for me....the leaves are very fern-like but of course its behavior is quite different. Thanks for the post, as always I enjoy your blog.

good work keeping up

good work keeping up

Awesome information! Followed! Love your passion!

I too have a shy plant in my house and I love to play with it whenever I feel like.
I feel like they're talking to me, I feel like they know me.
fantastic post keep it up

Such a nostalgic plant to me! My father used to go on month long hunting trips in the jungle when I was growing up and we would accompany him (not on the hunting trip itself but to the location) And this plant grew all around! They called it sensitiva or cierrate porque alli viene el diablo which translates to close up for here comes the devil! :)

Cool plants. I used to have a potted one when i was a kid and I have seen them grow wild in Asia.

I had seen one before but I never knew what it was called, thank you! Do you know if it has any medicinal properties?


There are several differing ideas about the medicinal properties of the plant. I've read some contrary claims.

Interesting. Never come across this plant in the UK. But the Royal Horticultural Society here has a good page about it : https://www.rhs.org.uk/Plants/21000/Mimosa-pudica/Details

There also seems to be quite a few medicinal uses for the plant :

great pics of the plant bro.

I think its so dope how much you know about nature. I used to go camping a lot as a kid i picked up a few things that i barely remember now lol.


You might need to get back out in the woods for a refresher! It's good to do that!


@papa-pepper i actually been planning on taking the family camping, probably next year. By then i should know enough from watching all your videos haha.

Amazing this a really life ! good post!

Has anyone heard of the plant in Australia that makes your dick hard then kills you in the most excruciatingly way possible?

Great post & shots!
Thanks for sharing and steem on :)

Great post & great ...shots @papa-pepper..I pay with this shy plant in my childhood.. You make my old memories recall. Thanks for sharing with us..
images (3).jpg


It brought back some good memories for me too!


Its nice to see again:))

A long time ago in a mountain village in the wilds of the West Kootenays, British Columbia, my seven year old daughter gave me a 'Sensitivity' plant for Mother's Day. Friends would go near it, talk to it, and/or touch it, and the leaves would close. My roommate and I could never get it to fold it's leaves. We would yell at it and even smack it a few times, no luck. Then one day a rather aggressive man visited. He had no sooner entered the room and the plant completely, every stem of leaves, folded. He said, "Oh, those things. I kill them just by being in the same room with them too long". Maybe sensitive to more than touch?
But that was the imported houseplant variety.


What a peculiar and interesting story!

That's pretty cool. Always good content sir. Thank you!


I am glad that you like it. I try to keep it varied by consistently good!

There were plenty of these where I grew up. We played with these shy plants on our way to and from school. Lots of beautiful memories associated with the touch-me-not plant. Interesting to learn more about it.


Where did you grow up? (if you don't mind me asking)

I have never found any in the wild until I moved here.


India! I'm from Visakhapatnam, a major port city with beautiful beaches, surrounded by mountains. It is the only natural harbor on the East Coast of India.

The touch-me-not plants or Mimosa Pudica (as I know them now, thanks to you) grew everywhere in India. I don't see them much now. In fact, this plant was considered a weed for a long time and is only now being appreciated for its medicinal properties.

I used to grow these when I was younger, they're quite easy to grow as house plants. Great post :)


I have seen them as houseplants, decades ago. Perhaps I should get some seeds and try to grow them!


Yeah for sure @papa-pepper, I grew them from seed and started them off in a propagator, they are tropical plants so they like warm conditions. They usually take about 1 to 4 weeks to germinate. ...another interesting fact about Mimosa pudica is that it is in the pea family, Fabaceae.

Shy plant! What a name. Everytime I spot those plants, I have to touch...have to make them shy for my enjoyment.


I have to touch them too, so "touch me not" is not a good name. I would call it the "touch me plant!"

Wow I never knew you could find these plants in Missouri or Arkansas. I've only seen these "touch-me-not" when I was a precocious young boy on my winter vacations to India :)


Yep, they are pretty wide spread these days! I was happy to have found some in both states.


Very fascinating plant - I wish I could find some here in DC!

Thanks for the information


You are welcome!

You are correct , the flower is very sensitive to touch , I have seen such flower in Nigeria during my visit and it has all the same behavious as you explained above...Good job, thanks for sharing

The leaf was indeed very strange, at first I was surprised when I touch. The information is very good I like it.


It is very interesting for the plant to do that! Thank you!

nice post.....followed and upvoted


Thank you! Followed back, and I like chess too!


sure!! if you have a spare time to play wit with....
im here to paly..by the way welcome...

nice bro

when i was a child i like this very much haha
found it is amazing


I still think it is amazing and really like playing with it! Thanks!

It is a common plant in my countryside. Its characteristic is in its name, shy flower, touch-me-not. God is great


God it great! Very cool stuff! Thank you!

Amazing plant... this acting reminds me bit of the "Dionaea muscipula" :D


Hmm... I'll have to look that one up! Thanks!


I am sure you know this plant :D


Hey :)
Are you interested in a Riddle?

In our country @papa-peper we call that "makahiya" once you touch, its look like shy... the leaves will close... (^_^)


Interesting, are you in the Philippines too?


Yes @papa-peper im from the philippines... (^^)
A lot of different plants there... (^
Especially i like orchids...

We call this "makahiya" in the Philippines... Happy Father's day @papa-pepper!


Thanks for the Father's Day wishes!

Yes, this plant is just amazing. My grandfather had this plant on his roof garden. I played a lot with this plant in my childhood!!!


I think that I first saw it in elementary school. So cool to see it out in the wild now!


Haha! Here we say that this plant is shy as an Indian bride!!!

We have a lot of those plant in my place. And yes, if you come in contact with the leaves they' d rather automatically closes. They also have a lot of thorns that can hurt when pricked.


I do not like the thorns as much as the leaves!


The thorns are just annoying since its too sharp like a needle.

A plant that responds to your touch?! Thats sick haha I've never encountered anything like that, but i'll be on the look out for now on! Great post Pep


Yeah, keep your eyes open. I stumbled upon some last year and upon sight, I said "I wonder..."

Sure enough, it was it!


Learning something new everyday haha I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open! I'm really enjoying these series of nature posts you've been giving us latley! keep them coming Pep!

An excellent plant comes from South America. At us it is used only as decorative. In the wild, I have not met him.
Great post @papa-pepper!

Nice content ..i am new on steem give me your support

What a plant! It's so nice to see what nature has provided

Learn something new everyday! Thanks!

That's really cool! I live in Missouri but haven't heard of this plant. I will be watching now!

Great post. Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for sharing.

That's a good reminder, I use to play with that flower back then when I was still little, though not that friendly because of its protectiveness.

n Indonesia, it is called Putri Malu because its leaves are closed when touched. When stepping on the tree will be exposed to a small but sharp prick.

Here in philippines its called MAKAHIYA :)
Little trivia here :)

yes, i have seen this plant @papa-pepper. infact, i had a project in school, almost 10 years back. it is shy, and the leaves close as soon as one touches them, as if it says ''please do not touch me' and hence the name 'touch me not' :) thank you for reminding me my school days


Glad to bring back the memories!

we call that "makahiya" in our language.

Wonderful clicks and nice flower.

This is a cool plant in deed. You can see me playing with one in the video post I put up a couple days ago.


It's been said that these plants contain a substantial amount of DMT as well.

yes we know them as sensitive plants in the uk.. Those and venus flytraps fascinated me as a kid

Thanks @papa-pepper! Beautiful shoots! This "shy plant " is amazing! Thanks for sharing!


it is an amazing plant!

@Papa-Pepper an exellent post ....

I have this plant growing in my yard in Nairobi Kenya, u forgot to mention that at night it closes its leaves too. Very shy plant indeed

It's good!!
The picture is impressive :)

In my village there are many trees,

Wow that's a cool plant! I never seen this before.


I'm glad that you got the chance to see it now!


I hope one day I will get chance to touch it as well)

interesting to me cause i work with plants -- keep well -David

Also know as "That annoying invasive species plant that is worse than kudzu and I would like to go back in time and burn the ship that brought it over in port".

Kill it.

We had one at home when I was young, but my sister and I kept on touching it and after a few weeks they always died, so my mom stopped buying them. Later in life I was introduced to its bigger brother Mimosa Hostilis... Also comes with a most interesting characteristic...

I think their closing is a form of protection, like bugs landing on it triggering the closes will kinda scare the bugs away.

btw, I wrote a post talking about how mimosa closes their leaflets just in case anyone are interested.


Nice Shots! Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I have seen this plant. I have toughed the plant & saw how it shy. Thanks @papa-pepper

the flowers are such a pretty color. We had one of those plants in the house when I was a child. I didn't know they could live outdoors in the midwest. Now I want one to grow in my garden.

I grew up knowing that plant as Sensitive Brier. We kids tortured those plants making them close time after time after time after time! It's nice that you showed the flowers, too. Big Mimosa trees and little mimosa wildflowers -- that's a nice combination!


I love those big Mimosa trees!


It's amazing that related plants can be so different in size. Mimosas are such cool trees - so tropical!

How mothernature works
Thanks for sharing emotional plants behaviour

I really like when you do plant profiles! I am an urban gardener in Philadelphia and I'm always looking for interesting plants to add to our little plot o land. I mention this book because you picked a tree that seems to react to touch--The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wollbeinn (may have butchered that last name..)? It's all about how tress in a forest basically act like a tribe, they care for sick trees and react to threats--I'm only half ay through, but it will blow your mind!! It's a great book--non fiction section of your local book store. I certainly don't think of trees the same way.

Haha these are so fun to play with...found them a few times in my travels
Love your content dude keep it coming