What will happen if all the trees in the world are cut off

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What will happen if all the trees in the world are cut off ?

There are 3 trillion trees in the world and the timber industry now cuts 15 billion trees a year.
If this rate continues, it will lead to the disappearance of trees within 200 years , this may be a bit long because there are so many forests in the world that are hard to reach, but what would happen to the world if all trees and green plants were cut off ?

  • If we assumed that all humans from the age of 15 to 65 years on the planet were given electronic sawdusts, each person would have to cut 625 trees and within a year all the trees in the world will be removed , but wood harvesting and processing will take much longer, and 99% of trees will only fall on the forest floor, and will rot and release 35 billion tons of carbon dioxide .

  • 80% of wild animals and plants live in forests and without trees, most will die .

  • It is the trees that keep the earth wet and cold and help push the water cycle, as a large tree can push 150 tons of water into the atmosphere every year and thus return water to the ground in the form of rain .

  • With no trees, the earth will rise and dry , dead wood will inevitably lead to massive fires, which will fill the sky with smoke that will It will obscure the sunlight , causing crop damage for several years and leading to famine all over the world.

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