Skull Rock - Joshua Tree National Park

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Driving Through the Desert

While visiting family in 29 Palms, we headed over to Joshua Tree National park since I'd never been there before. My aunt had a free pass to get in which we didn't end up needing because of the Government shutdown.

If you think you're seeing double - you sort of are. These images were included in a post that I made about a year ago (during the government shutdown). I thought it was worth re-posting!


I don't know if it was because of the shutdown, or if it was perfectly normal, but the park was absolutely packed with people!


Every single place where we stopped there were cars parked along the side of the road for what seemed like miles! It did make it a bit annoying for trying to take some halfway decent photos, but honestly everyone was having a great time so it wasn't so bad.


One of the places that we stopped was at this eroded rock known as Skull Rock. In my opinion, it kind of barely looks like a skull, but it is interesting and super popular nonetheless.


It was unbelievably cold that day. In fact, I couldn't have fathomed just how cold it was. Before stopping at the rock, we drove up to the top of a cliff where you can look out for supposedly hundreds of miles.


The wind was as cold as anything that I'd ever felt, and I've felt some cold wind! It seemed so weird that it was so chilly in California. We were in the desert though, to be fair.


By the time we got to Skull Rock, poor Amanda was practically freezing to death. My cousin ended up lending her his coat and wrapped himself in a blanket that he had in the car.


We pulled over to the side of the road and I hopped out, climbed around on the rocks a bit and took a few photos. I couldn't really stand to be out there much longer than that!


Keep in mind that I generally run very hot. Even I was feeling the chill. There were a lot of hikers around that day who seemed to be doing just fun.

I must admit, after walking for a mile or so there is no amount of clothing or weather that I won't get hot in. I love to go snowboarding up at Big Bear mountain and I always end up in a tee-shirt after an hour or two.


I think I'd really like to go back up to Joshua Tree sometime soon and do some hiking. Apparently the hotels are always completely booked in town. We were barely able to get a room and there wasn't even any special event happening!

So many people! No Toilets...

My suggestion is that you book well ahead if you plan to visit the park. This is one place that I would not risk trying to get a room on the fly! You may end up stuck or having to pay some ridiculous fee for a place to sleep!

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We don't normally associate Cali with being cold, but i suppose it is a super long state :)

Another great set of photos making me jealous! We have plenty of places to go hiking and climbing here but of course it is a million degrees at all times and therefore I tend to avoid it. The good news is that "cold season" is upon us soon so i might be able to wear a pair of blue jeans... only at night... sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Yes, I was very surprised at how cold it was out there. This area is near 29 Palms, CA right out there in the desert. This part wasn't even the coldest! We drove up to the top of this mountain where there was a lookout . Supposedly you could see 3 counties, basically 100s of miles over the edge of this massive cliff.

I will tell you, I grew up in Dayton Ohio in waste deep snow, and this was much colder. The wind was relentless and absolutely skin piercing! I will not return without a thick coat, that's for sure.

I imagine that where you live you have to wear thick clothes just to protect yourself from the bugs... I would be dying, as I run quite hot!

i'm a sweaty guy too... but normally i will only go on long hikes if there is some form of water feature. The bugs can be relentless but heavy clothes are not the path forward... just bug spray, which makes you even hotter :(

Hey Rick, those are some special rocks you've got there. And if you wouldn't have told me that it was cold that day, I definitely wouldn't have guessed so. Great post and can't wait to see more of your trips!

Yeah, the cold was no joke! I was seriously freezing my butt off. And I run super hot, too. Everyone was shivering. It doesn't help that the wind was blowing really hard as well. I will definitely go prepared next time!

I would have visited that place if I were there, well if I am able that is Sir @nuthman
There skull rock looks like a skull indeed, a result of weathering. I wonder what that place would become in a million years. Maybe a forest or some arable field maybe. :D

Out there in the desert it's hard to say what it will look like in a million years. Maybe a jungle? The skull only looks like a skull at a particular angle, so yes, it is indeed a result of weather.

I would like to be there, beautiful :)

Thanks! It was cold, but nice to look at.

Beautiful..thanks for represent

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Thank you!

Nice adventure



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