Tiny snails

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I have been living in my house for almost 2 years and I regularly find tiny hard empty snail shells in the soil but I have never seen the creature that lived inside those empty snail shells. At the beginning of the month, I went down to check the water meter and it has been raining so there were old leaves that had washed into the meter housing. This picture is enlarged, the snail shell is only about 1.5cm long.


Finally I saw the unicorn that lives in that tiny horn. I never knew that land snails could be bright yellow and I identified it as an awl shell snail that belongs to the species Subulinidae. They are mostly found in forests and are an indigenous species, unlike the large, common garden snails that have a particularly destructive taste for my succulents.
I won't post pictures of what happens to those big snails when I find them but I want to try beer traps, I have heard that works well to drown them. Perhaps they will die happy.


hahahaah to die in beer must be a great pleasure and way of dying haha

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that was amazing
i like it

Beautiful shot

Wow beautiful shell. Thanks for the photo @nikv

Hopefully they have an appetite for beer. Awesome photo!

beautiful creatures. I have a snail story for you :0

Share it!

Glad you finally found "the unicorn" ;) Yes, perhaps they will die happy!

Such a cute little creature.haha
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I would much appreciate the support!

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