Sublime Sunday # "The Flower Show"

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Sublime Sunday started by @c0ff33a gives an opportunity to bring out your creative expressions.

I have been having back to back guest this season and with them I am busy taking them around Muscat city. I am seeing that the whole city is so beautifully glowing up with flowers all over the place. This is one very good part of this place. They are very particular about the beautification of the city and they keep changing the plants seasonally.

So here is a galore of flowers from all over the city from different places.

I love how it is designed in steps.


I am not very good at all the flower names, I don't know which are these, but they look very attractive.

The Bougainvilleas are my all time favorite

These are also beautiful white flowers with shades of pink.

The shade of these Petunas are so beautiful


Marigolds are also a delight to watch.


Thank you for visiting my blog.


GIF Courtesy @enginewitty 😍😍

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Muscat city is indeed very beautiful because of the beautification efforts of the officials governing it @nainaztengra and I wished that my town is as beautiful too.
I love the colors of those flowers, they are an eye-candy for the people and the bees too.

Yes it is s very beautiful place. Every visitor gets fascinated here when they see how well it is maintained

Enjoyed your pictures and brings a little fun into the winter.

Ahhh....I am so busy these days that I forgot, to visit our flower show. We have an ongoing festival started on 24th need to check if it still going on.....too busy these days with continuous travelling hardly manage to see any post. Thanks for this gentle reminder. Hopefully I could make it too...and share our family show....

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