Black Skimmer's

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Watch this video I got of some very cool birds - Black Skimmer's. They make nests right on the beach by scrapping out a little indentation in the sand and then lay their eggs. You can see in this video some of their mating habits. Sometimes a big storm will come along and wipe out the entire colony of nesting birds. The adults can fly away, but young birds and eggs don't make it. Sea Gulls also are a hazard for the Black Skimmers as they go after the young birds. It's hard being a bird!

100% my original work! Copyright 2018 ® Mark Vance Photography

I am an award winning photographer and filmmaker. Many of my pictures have been used in TV Shows and Feature Films, such as "Zero Dark Thirty", "NCIS Los Angeles" and "The Walking Dead".
Many of my bird pictures and videos have been used by The National Audubon Society and Sarasota Audubon and used on several TV shows, like "Animal Outtakes" on ABC. Enjoy!


I know that beach - it is full of coy females, birds too.

Wow Black Skimmers are very rare right now. They tend to be very territorial birds. Long winged coastal waterbirds. This bird is very remarkable for its sharp and long beak. But one thing for sure to distinguish males and female, The male black skimmer is significantly larger than the female, with a longer beak, but is similar in colouration. Great video I have learned a lot

Thanks for watching!

I have subscribed your channel and turned on the bell icon so I never missed any updates from you , It's a great thing to come to know you. I will check your more youtube videos too. I hope you are a stock contributor.. I am also a photographer and a videographer and I just started stock contributor so I need lot of homework to do, and I hope you can inspire me more in this process.. Please do check my work also and please leave your valuable feedback too

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Thanks for your kind words!

You are welcome sir

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Very cool video! Where is this at?

Anna Maria island, Florida

Very awesome!


Nice footage of the bird's and a great sunset at the end!
How is the red tide over by you? I hear it is entering the mouth of Tampa Bay now!

It was worse last week, not so bad now.

O that's good news,I feel like I should get out to the beach before it hit's here.

I really enjoyed your video. It made me smile.

Glad you liked it!

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I love this scene cool I follow you for
More updates.

What a cute birds, look a bit like penquins

Yes a little bit like penguins, but I have another bird that looks even more like a penguin coming up.

hola,como esta,aqui mi visita,saludos desde venezuela

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