An Ibis and a Willet in the surf!

in #nature4 years ago

Watch this video I got of an Ibis and a Willet looking for food at the beach. Both these birds are common on Anna Maria Island in Florida where this was shot. You can see the Ibis has a curved bill and the Willet does not. The Ibis is the bigger of the two birds.

100% my original work! Except where noted. Copyright 2018 ® Mark Vance Photography

I am an award winning photographer and filmmaker. Many of my pictures have been used in TV Shows and Feature Films, such as "Zero Dark Thirty", "NCIS Los Angeles" and "The Walking Dead".
Many of my bird pictures and videos have been used by The National Audubon Society and Sarasota Audubon and used on several TV shows, like "Animal Outtakes" on ABC. Enjoy!


Beautiful 🐦 birds photography. I like it this nature photography. thanks for sharing your life..

Thanks for watcing!

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Looked like the Ibis was eating little white balls - do you know what they were? Lots to do on Anna Maria Island, it is a special place.

Buenas tardes. Excelente trabajo amigo se ve muy linda su fotografía. Saludos desde Venezuela lo invito visitar mi blog hasta luego.

Lo felicito amigo por esos galardones le deseo mucho éxito lo apoyo con mi voto.

Buenas tardes saludos amigo y muchos éxitos

aqui mi visita,muy linda fotografia,saludos desde venezuela

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