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White Cedar, scientific name (Thuja occidentalis) is a member of the Cypress family. Also goes by the names Northern White Cedar, Swamp cedar and Arborvitae.

IMG_6864.JPGphoto .. Quogue W

Natural Range

South Eastern Canada, upper eastern and central USA. ..... Also isolated pockets in Appalachian mountains of Tenn. Kentucky, N. Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and W. Virginia.

220px-Thuja_occidentalis_range_map.png photo source .. wikipedia


Grows in wet forests and swamps where larger trees won't shade them out. Will also grow in areas where there is no competition like rocky cliffs. Mature trees grow to 50 feet, with exceptions of 125 feet with diameters of 3' and more. Can be long living, oldest known specimen 1,100 years old.

Evergreen that grows in a conical shape.


Trees along the shoreline are White Cedar. photo at Sweezy's Pond, Cranberry Bog nature preserve.

Seed cones are small thin and about 1/2 in long. contain some 8 seeds.The immature cones are yellow/green turning brown in theFall.

220px-Thuja_occidentalis.jpg photo source .. wikipedia


Revered in Ojibwe (native people) culture for its uses in medicine and crafts. Foliage high in vitamin C.

Used for lumber, shingles and fence posts (resists rotting).

Oils in the tree used for cleaners and disinfectants.

An ornamental tree under the name of Arborvitae and used for hedges and screening. 300 cultures available.


The White Cedar is at its southern most range here on Long Island. Only found in preserved swampy areas. Threatened in high deer areas where they eat the soft evergreen leaves for winter food.
Has beautiful gray textured bark, growing straight and proud.





all photos taken by @manorvillemike unless noted.
source ... wikipedia


You sure have very nice trees over your way!
3rd one from the top is so massive looking, I really
like that photo @manorvillemike!

They are impressive. Trees have been a life long love affair with me. The White Cedar has recently become a favorite.

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Wow, itu looks amazing, the beauty jungle.. I recently know that jungle ia not the horror with full of wild animal. Actually most of the jungle are interested to be the adventure deatination .

No jungle here. Just a temperate climate woods.

Ooo Sorry, but it really wonderful