What You're Not Suppose To Know About Healing Mushrooms

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on healing mushrooms with an interview with Dennis Mckenna. Dennis Jon McKenna is an American ethnopharmacologist, research pharmacognosist, lecturer, and author. He is the brother of well-known medicinal proponent Terence McKenna and is a founding board member and the director of ethnopharmacology at the Heffter Research Institute,

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It is good medicine. Don't wait until it is approved, dis-approving of it (and using force) is the crime so waiting for it to be approved is kind of like waiting for crime to be eliminated to get healthy.. Well, if your not healthy as a society it is very hard to be free of crime.

Good medicine? I would say great medicine. IMHO, extremely important in the expansion of one’s understanding of the interconnected universe. Like any medicine it should not be abused and treated with respect, however mild use for every human being would help advance consciousness. Not a requirement but would definitely be a catalyst.

@jamesc Thank you for that comment. It reminded me and made me think again as i deal a lot with fears (anxiety disorder) i always fear doing smth ilegal although i consider it tobe falsely ilegaized. You can see the cycle of doom here right? Comments like yours are breaking that cycle, they are actually therapeutic. You might not even have considered that so i just wanted to give you feedback about that.

@jamesc Governments are always committing similar crimes. They spread epidemics and agree to medicines made by their laboratories to benefit from profits
I prepare a topic about these stuff how government played behind our backs

I take Lions Mane Mushroom on a daily basis for focus and to improve nerve function.

I highly recommend it as both an afternoon pick-me-up and a daily maintenance substance for your brain.

Good preventative medicine as well, possibly a cure for Alzheimer’s because of its neurogenesis effect on the hippocampus.

It grows wild here and I have a few good spots. Will be harvest season in late summer 🙌 happy to share

Excellent! Yay!! 🙌🏽

Great video and excellent talk, I took Ayahuasca a few years ago several times over a 6 month period and I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. It still is with me (inside me) I cant explain it . It made me wake up and push myself to conquer my fears and try to be a better person to others and the planet as a whole , don't get me wrong I am not perfect but I am trying. So thank you for this interview it was very enjoyable to listen to. I would love to do mushrooms in a controlled setting. as I am a smoker and I am finding it is really difficult to quit.
Have a great day. you gained a new follower. cheers

Great interview!

Dennis is a wonderful resource to have in the space of biology / entheogens. I love what he and MAPS are doing in terms of research. See my article on MAPS.

...and he's exactly right. "Education" is exactly what we need. Our education system, FDA, CDC, etc. offer nothing when it comes to the best interest of its citizens.

-Much love

Some years ago i growing mushrooms. I choose bout psychedelic and hallucinogen. The different was really big. But they are good. To much of different sections of them. I don't recommend peoples eat mushrooms every Friday night. It's not for that purpose. But one or two times per year is recommended for human brains. It's help you understood who you are. Persons who tray now what i talking :)

This is so real. Everything is money in this world, even if it means letting someone die without using the resources that were put here on this planet for us.

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Great message to get out to the folks. Even though a lot of Dtube members are probably woke on this subject, its good to spread the message. Dennis is a genius

Such an amazing interview - again! Thank you so much. I definitely will check out the boot " The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss". Sounds intriguing! Even the title is wow. Can't wait. And of course I check everyday to see what Luke and co. are giving us. Power to you!

Free the human experience!

It seems to be astonishing that these mushrooms maintain your overall body health,because they boost up ones immunity.So it has a great role in maintainance of healthy body.

Nice post, do check out the new channel for news at steemit:

It's sad that the government places such arbitrary restrictions on what is and isn't legal for consenting adults to consume. Stuff like alcohol and tobacco is seen as a no brainier for legality. Meanwhile when the data clearly shows that many other substances are not only less harmful but have vast potential as medicinal tools as well they are banned and won't even be considered for research.

The fact that the US classifies substances like Cannabis, Psilocybin Mushrooms, LSD, Peyote, etc. as SCHEDULE 1 and as such having "no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision" is absolutely absurd and beyond rational defense. The only conclusion is corruption, bias, incompetence or (more likely in my opinion) a combination thereof.

P.S. - why can't I post a comment to the video from d.tube?

Great vid I bet Big Pharma does not like this

Education of the masses is the only way to sway the sleeping giant, even when the message is beneficial to them.
Dennis and his brother before him are Saints of plant medicine. Dennis and Terrance, have been an incalculable part of healing this world. They are excising the brutish dogmatic disease of the mind, that plagues this society with real medicine. One conversation, one presentation, or one study at a time; their work continues to bring it's healing bliss to our weary hearts and minds.
In Light and Love
Giant Hugs<3<3<3

i smoking only weed

So so interesting! It saddens me that people rather take big Phama crap with no clue where its come from when nature provides the real solutions. In my experience with psychedelics I have always felt so fresh an connected after taking then, more focused even! I have done in year do to work and fear of drugs test. We need to change this paradigm, wake the 100th monkey 💯🐒

Hi! I enjoy your post coming a good time for me to see and read ... life becomes very busy but only love and affection in need in life. incredible work of yours. Thanks for sharing.

Nice work, shared to my group and page psychedelics and philosophy

Shame that something that makes you laugh for 8 hours is illegal. The only side effect is the next day, the muscles in your cheeks and stomach are sore because you laughed for 8 hours the day before.

Glad Dennis is still out there shedding light on the benefits of mushrooms. The newer generations are less likely to believe the propaganda and take mushrooms to find out for themselves through experience. I hope to see psychedelics become more mainstream and help people naturally and effectively end addictions and help with mental trauma. Great interview Luke!

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