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Sticky Waterfall

On my journey through Asia last year, I came across many adventurous discoveries. On a tour near Chiang Mai, I came across a waterfall. But I did not realize how extraordinary and unique this one is.

When I reached the waterfall, I could not stand it out in amazement, it looked like a glacier flows over the water.



The water springs from a calcareous mineral spring which is crystal clear and lukewarm. The center of the spring has a breathtaking play of blue and turquoise.
This spring has covered the river bed with a layer of lime for years.


GOPR1391 (2).JPG

The surrounding forest is covered with moss and plants everywhere.


Curious, I followed the waterfall over a path. Few meters ahead of me, I spotted locals climbing up this steep, seemingly slippery waterfall without much help. One of them recognized my gaze and called out to me: "Sticky Watterfall, clim, climb!".

The lime over which the water flows: sticks!

After a few test steps, I dared to climb the steep walls and follow the waterfall through its jungle-shaped staircase structure. Difficult passages were supported by ropes.


At the bottom of the waterfall, there is a small pond where you could swim. After a few ticklish touches, and a look to my feet, I saw tons of nibble fish nibbling the dead skin off my feet.


This trip was one of my highlights in the north of Thailand and an absolute nature experience. If you ever have the chance to visit a "sticky waterfall", you should definitely do it! Unfortunately, the pictures can not capture the colors and charisma of this place, but I hope they give you an impression.

Here you can see a short summary about the Bua Thong waterfall. The source is very calcareous, over the years it has deposited a layer in the riverbed. This is very sticky, so it is possible to climb the waterfall upwards.

▶️ DTube

Cheers, Dave

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