Xmas Deer Sparring Video and Pics

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Xmas Deer Sparring - What a gift! Open and scroll for video! After a few decades of being in the woods hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. Never had I had the pleasure of watching two bucks fight/spar in person. What a gift to look out my front window late this morning and see two Colorado Mule deer bucks sparring! One 10 point and one 6 point, with a couple does around.

I wasn't able to get any closer when I went outside before they spotted me and ambled off. Later, I captured a pic of them next to the driveway out of the car on my way back home (Top pic above).


And then after that, several does outside the front door, a couple of them very interested in Jax at the window, or was it Jax interested in them?




This made my day. Have I said how much I love living in the country?
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Happy Xmas everyone!


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Merry Christmas K!

Thanks @galenkp! And to the two of you as well!

I love having deer visit my yard, too! Great photos!
Merry Christmas!

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It's so nice having wildlife around the home, those deer look somewhat docile and very healthy. Nice capture on the spar.

Thanks, it was very cool to hear the antlers clacking together. I wish I could have gotten closer without disturbing them to get the sound on video. Yes, fairly tame compared to deer deeper in the wild. Frequently get within 30 yards of them walking to mailbox and around the yard.

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