Grand gulf MO state park

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This is a trip me and @miss.kinseymarie took to see Grand Gulf. It was a cave system that collapsed and now is just a big valley with rocks and cliffs eveywhere.
20170815_134202.jpg The first thing to see is the sink hole. Its looks like its 200 feet deep but I forgot to read the sign. At the bottom is a cave where the excess water from the rain goes and ends up at mammoth springs Arkansas. 20170815_133821.jpg
20170815_133915.jpg Here is a video of the sink hole.

Here are some more pictures of the collapsed cave system. 20170815_135639.jpg
20170815_135746.jpg here is a video of the same spot

One of the other amazing things about yhis place is the natural bridge. You can't see it from underneath but you can walk across it. This is looking across the cave system. The sink hole is behind me. 20170815_142131.jpg
More video of the cave

After a 1/8 mile hike down 119 steps you get to the beginning of the cave. That's still kind of a cave. It has water flowing though it but its too small to go though. Lots of moss growing and for some reason alot of caterpillars.
20170815_142742.jpg20170815_144256.jpg This is a video of the spring coming out of the cave.

A quick walk down the once was floor of the cave. Not sure we were suppost to but its quite a view 20170815_143800.jpg
This the deck I took a video from earlier.
20170815_143209.jpg More pictures of the cave floor
Thank you for stopping by. More hiking pictures to come! Keep steemin!

All photos and videos shot with a samsung S6


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This place is so cool!

It is and I want to go back in the winter with no bugs or foliage

Haha! Right?! You can actually get better views when there's no leaves! 😉

That's awesome where is that at

Its in Koshkonong. Google grand gulf state park

Grand gulf state park

I have still yet to visit this. Awesome pics, bro.

You need to. In the fall though

Thank you. You need to take the boys. Its a hour 45 minutes

This place is awesome! I haven't been since I was a kid, so I would love to take the girls soon. Awesome pictures and videos!!! :)

Wait till fall yo. bugs and leafs suck

Oh, I'm fully aware ;) Fall and winter are the best times to hike. But I can't help myself in the other seasons. Worth it to see the awesomeness! I go out and explore a lot, as you know, and I come home sunburnt, riddled with bug bites and covered in a poison ivy rash most of the time. Still.. worth it!

Awesome!!! We must take our kids there soon!

Wait for fall yo

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