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Hello Lovely Peoples,

Our interest is enough to solve any problem. Because, no matter how difficult the problem is, there is a solution. But it requires proper effort. I went to the older brother's chamber that day. At his table and next to the table I saw two tree tubs. This has not been seen before. When asked about this, his answer seems to me excellent. Frankly, we are constantly facing various problems, but we are never sincere in resolving them. Due to which our problems remain.

Think a little, there are times when it doesn't feel good to work? Or is it not possible to concentrate on work? Or are you tired of sitting in the office all day? Have you ever wondered why this happening is? Or after a brief stint in the office, having a severe headache, trying to find a solution? In most cases, we do not try to find solutions to these problems. That's the real truth!


But it is also true that we have the right solution. Our little interest and awareness can give the right solution to these problems. You do not have to spend too much time or too much money for this. You can confirm this with a small tree in your office room or at your desk.

It is true that a small tree can give us an easy solution to many problems. We never think about these things though. Because we are moving away from nature, we are looking for solutions in the midst of artificiality. A small tree like this can greatly relieve your fatigue, increasing your attention at work. Although the topic is simple but it is really a very effective way.

In fact, our lives today are almost imprisoned within four walls, where no trace of green nature can be found anywhere, just drive around in brick and stone. Which is increasing day by day, and the green nature is disappearing from us. The city is growing, the number of factories is increasing, and the level of environmental pollution is increasing in different ways. Everything around us today is polluted, our environment is being destroyed due to the presence of unwanted types of toxic chemicals.


However, we do not have the solution to these problems, because we do not have control over them. But we can try to keep ourselves healthy. Because we have to try ourselves, for our own well-being. With our little effort we can ensure that our office or home room is safe and clean. We can keep certain small trees inside our house or at the office desk. It will keep the environment of our home or office safe, away from harmful substances. Let us make ourselves aware of this and make others aware.

Photos captured by me by MI Redmi S2 Smartphone.

Thanks all for visit my page and reading my writing.


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Thanks for understand the value of the green nature for a beautiful and secure planet.

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more trees more clean air. just don't place them in your bedroom, that's dangerous at night. as it's the trees turn to breathe and it releases CO2 instead of oxygen!

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.

Is this just a motivational speech or some plastic tree on the table can actually bring solutions for our problems?

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Nice plants and great thinking!

As always, your thoughts are very correct. The plants produce the oxygen we need and it is a good idea to have them at home, but @mimismartypants is correct, do not take them to the bedroom.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

Probably the easiest way to poison yourself. Slow suicide... This just occurred to me..

Good tips for releasing the negative vibe by using the most natural way.

A-ha what an interesting thought here. I just might get myself a desk plant too. 🙂🙂

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Thank you so much.

It happens all too often that we don't realize how simple a solution to a problem can be! I love the idea of bringing some greenery into your workspace. I have orchids sitting in front of me right now. The flowers are dormant, but the leaves are still strong until the flowers come around again. I also like facing my desk out of the window to get natural light and be able to look out at nature when I want, as well. I feel like it helps keep me more productive. Then it also motivates me to get out every now and then for some fresh air. :)

Thanks a lot for visit and share your valuable words.


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Many people are starting to realise the importance of nature and start to involve in gardening. This is a well positive writing of yours. =)

Change begins within our own lives, well said.

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