Good evening to all!..

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Good evening, Steemians and dear friends!

Mostly every evening I try to walk. It is good after hard working day. All day long I was sitting at the office... I want some fresh air and watching the nature:)

Here are some photos from my walk. I was passing by the field of sunflowers. They were so wonderful under the sunset sky! I like such moments... I like to enjoy simple things like these...

I have taken some photos of sunset sky and the sunflowers especially for you! Let's enjoy this nature beauty together... Take a cup of herbal tea and look through your window... or evening posts on Steemit)




Keep smiling, reading and voting!

Have sweet dreams and good night, dear friends!


The sunflowers look wonderful.
The sunflowers delight the heart.
Thank you for your beautiful article.
Best regards.

Thank you for such beautiful and warm words!)))

Они все ещё не созрели?

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Нет, но еще пару недель и их соберут с полей...
Благодарю за репост!

Good evening my friend...

Good morning, dear friend:)

They are such happy flowers, very beautiful. :o)

Thank you, dear friend:)

They are such happy flowers, very beautifowl. :o)

I am a bot. I turn comments into owl related puns.

Yes, they are)

Таки, Goodnight ))

И Вам доброй ночи:) ... хотя у нас уже утро)

"Широка страна моя родная, много в ней..." )))

Широка штанина у грузина

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и что, тоже много? ))

I love sunflowers :)
A few days ago I drove by a sunflower field near where I live, but they are not blooming yet. I'll visit that place in a view days again and hopefully some will bloom.
Thank you for reminding me on that with your lovely sunflower photos, @gritata 😊

Soon here will be none sunflower... They will be gathered for the oil, because they have already ok:)

I have found a sunflower field in the mountains today, where most of the flowers are not even blooming yet :)

I like it! It is very sunny:)))

That was yesterday morning, and the sun had just made it over the trees behind me 😁

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I like the last one more . You can see enough details of the flower and also makes a beautiful contrast with the city in the backround. It's the simplicity and perfection of Nature against the complexity and uglyness of human's intervention...

Thank you for your comment:) I totally agree with you!


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