Good Morning All

in nature •  21 days ago 

Good Morning All, I hope all have start day good and sun is strong. I found this wedge yesterday, and it was very large, but it was sitting on a tall tree branch and it was not easy to get close. So I was try my big lens to do this.

And looks this weekend BTC sits low 9600 $ But soon is new week and new news what come up, so lets see what new week go do soon.

And if you have time then look my phone support post
I need new PHONE

I'm interested in what people see in my pictures.
That's why I also describe my pictures a little, it helps me understand what others think and see.
Soon I shall post new photos. In here, I use my Sony NEX-5T and Sony lens 55-210 mm.





I'm trying to bring new pictures here every day, and that's not easy, because the images do not always want to come, sometimes I must have to be patient and wait.
I ask Delegation so I can give out Strong Upvotes... Any amount of Delegation is welcomed! Thank you in advanced if you are considering to delegate.
I'm trying to get to 10 000 SP ... so be a part of it and I shall give you something back too.


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